Uci, Ucsb, Ucsd

<p>Hey everyone. basically right now, ive been rejected from ucla, ucsd. ive gotten into ucr and ucsb. im waiting for uc berkeley and uci. </p>

<p>at the moment, im really deciding between sb and uci (if i get in). im also considering or going to appeal to ucsd and hopefully there might be a reversal in their decision.</p>

<p>i just wanted to know what each school is like in terms of the city, atmosphere, things to do, basically what is different and similar about each college so i can have a easier time choosing which college to attend. </p>

<p>just fyi, i also am considering sort of going to a jc or cc and transferring but im really not for it.</p>

<p>You need to visit the schools where you have been accepted before you make up your mind. Talk to different students when you visit, and if you can, meet with people in the areas of study that you are interested in. It is worth the effort to go take a look for yourself.</p>

<p>dont waste ur time appealing sd. irvine is just as good. only reason why i choose sd over irvine is cuz they offered me more money in aid. thats the only reason.</p>

<p>Trying asking at the individual forums for each of these schools. You'll probably get better responses.</p>