UCI vc USC: Computer Science Transfer

Hello everybody,

Im curently debating on which school to transfer to. Im using my Post 9/11 G.I Bill, so money won’t be an issue. Im going to be attending OCC and need to figure out which school would be a better fit for me, my major is Computer Science.

I know UCI is rated very highly in the CS department but USC is prestigious overall, if I would apply for a Job with a degree from either school, same grades, same everything, which one would be hired more likely? Also any personal experience is greatly appreciated!

Thank You!


I was just about to ask the same question for the same major. Let me know if you get in?! What branch were you in? And are you from NC?

I can’t speak to either school specifically, but I can give some broader guidance:

The school that you obtain your degree from doesn’t carry much weight as an undergrad unless it’s Ivy League or one of the top 10 schools in the country for that field. Otherwise, networking through alumni networks and/or internships while at school will be your best bets for obtaining employment. Is either school close to where you’d like to find a job post-graduation? If so, look into internship opportunities first. I can’t speak for SoCal, but in D.C. it’s common for students to get hired-on after graduating at places they’ve interned as jobs like hiring known quantities.

Hope this helps.

Employers will be happy to get a resume from a graduate of either UCI or USC. Go to the school you feel more comfortable at.