UCI vs SJSU Mechincal engineering

I’m debating between to transfer to UCI or SJSU, I asked alot of people and a lot of them said UCI just because of the UC name. I live near SJSU so it would be cheaper for me to commute. i never really researched about the engineering program in both of these schools, which is one is better?

Would you recommend going for the UC or the SJSU?

And another question, is it worth more looking for a better graduate school or undergraduate?
Thank you!

Since none of these schools are named Caltech/MIT/Stanford it isn’t going to matter which one you go to. As acredited programs you’ll learn the same things at either school. What will make the difference in your future is how hard you work for good grades and whether you get internships. To decide between them think about whether you’d like to live in a different part of the state away at college, or live at home and save money (but miss out on some of the college experience).

[Focus on undergrad in case you don’t go farther. Not that many engineers get a Masters, you can get a fine job with just a BS although a MS can provide additional valuable training. According to https://ira.asee.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2018-Engineering-by-Numbers-Engineering-Statistics-UPDATED-15-July-2019.pdf in 2018 there were about 32K bachelor degrees awarded in MechE and 11K Masters. So only about 1/3rd go on for a MS. Furthermore the Masters number is overstated because most colleges give a Masters along the way to students in their PhD program, so take 1-2K off that number.

But, as said above, between these two there isn’t much educational difference.

Thank you so much for the information Mikemac.

Another question regarding the UC title, would you say I would have a better chance of landing a better paying job with the UC title in my resume, or since we learn the same material, would you say I would have an equal chance with SJSU.

I want to make the better decision but I don’t want to put the extra work and money for UC if it ultimately ends up the same as SJSU
Thanks again mike mac