<p>alright guys i just got into UCI 2 days ago and i plan on accepting the invitation as well but i want to wait and see what ucla says. as of right now i'm thinking i'll go w/ uci either way simply because uci offers a double major in mechanical / aerospace engineering and ucla doesnt. what i'm wondering though is that, is uci's program somehow inferior to ucla's because of this? or is it just as strong? don't get me wrong haha i'm just curious and i'm also wondering is it possible to do the double major + a minor in say cs in 4 years?</p>

<p>I go to UCI, and I will tell you that the academics in that department will be of the same quality at UCLA. If UCI offers an option you want that LA doesnt have, come here. Otherwise, if you like the social environment at LA, go there if you get in.</p>

<p>Mech/Aero--the only difference are about 4 extra classes to double in both. I'm in Aero currently but may switch to Mech later. Mech/Aero are closely related in terms of classes and material covered. I don't see why it would be inferior to LA's. You can try to minor it will take at least ~7 classes (min) to get the minor, though. Trying to get a second major or minor in engr'ing is quite difficult. Even if you enter as sophmore standing , you will still most likely be doing summer sessions--or just signing up for extra classes!</p>

<p>alright ty. btw does uci have a strong cs or political science department?</p>

<p>At UCI, we have our very own ICS (Info and Comp Sci) school. I believe we are the only UC to have one. I would definitely say that that's a huge plus. I'd say that its a strong program since people are interested in it and b/c they opened its own school. Poli Sci I am not so sure though....Friends that are in it say that for a non-poli sci school the quality of the teachers they have had so far have been very good--but this is just one opinion.</p>

<p>First why do you want to double major in 2 engineering????
okay to ur question about uci vs ucla... Engineering is definitely hard at ucla. Most ppl in ur classes are really smart, so ur bascially competing with some of the smartest ppl. Second, finishing ur degree in 4 years will be hard if you dont work hard. and by work hard i mean you need to take at least 4 classes per quarter. so it'll be a lot of work load. Academically, i think the professors are either really good or mediocre. If you have a good professor, you WILL learn. no joke. after taking physics with this really hard teacher, i felt like i could do any physics question. but if you dont have a good teacher, there are resources here (ie tutoring, friends, TAs) that will help you learn. Overall, you cant go wrong with picking LA. u will have no problem finding a job in the future. PLUS social life here is awesome...
i dont know much about uci engineering so the other ppl can fill you up
GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR DECISION :] and i hoped i helped...if you have any questions feel free to ask or pm me</p>