uci vs ucsc

<p>so how is the social life btw uci and ucsc. I know ucsc has more students livin on campus</p>


<p>I would say that UCSC has more of an active social life . .. but you can't really compare the two. Why is this? Because the student bodies are diametrically different. UCI is conservative; UCSC is very liberal. Hippie communes have been spotted at Santa Cruz, and any more crude variant of that kind of behavior would not be tolerated in Irvine -- in fact it may warrant a police arrest. You'll find more progressives and student protests at SC than at UCI. </p>

<p>UCSC has a rampant drug/party scene (drug selling I've heard has been witnessed in some dorms). I'm not sure about UCSC's school spirit, but I know that UCI has almost none. </p>

<p>Either way you will find outgoing, straight-edge people at either school. </p>

<p>Hope that helps.</p>