UCI Yield Protection

I know it’s very unlikely but I have to ask.
Does UCI practice yield protection in some cases?

Many of my friends who would have got in based on last year’s data didn’t. In fact, only two people I asked got in and they are the one aiming for HYPSM. The rest of us are all waitlisted. Again, I know it’s highly unlikely UCI as a public school will practice yield protection. But again, have to ask. I am really really sacred right now because if the waitlist is based on my qualification for admission, I am screwed of all the other T30 schools I applied

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I don’t know if UCI practices yield protection but I do think many many colleges are struggling to juggle the increase in applications with predicting who will actually accept because they’re missing a lot of the data points they use because of Covid restrictions. They don’t want to over enroll so the current model seems to be fewer outright acceptances with larger WL. That provides the most flexibility for enrollment management. Not so nice for the students however.