How are my chances at UCI? I understand it is silly to ask because it cannot be determined like that, but…

California Resident
My UC GPAL: 3.72W (Not so High but perfectly explained in the essays and the additional comment)
ACT Score: 32 Composite
SAT Subject Tests: Math 2: 760, Bio E: 690

9 AP courses taken throughout high school
EC and Community Service/Volunteer: Every slot is filled out with great information and dedication of 4+ years for each EC and Community Service/Volunteer slot.
Captain of Swim for two years & Captain of Cross Country for two year, etc.

Personal Statement/Essays: Worked really hard on them. Reviewed by Stanford Students and admission counselor that said that it was an amazing essay and it has everything that a college essay asks for.

Thank You!

I’d say you have a decent shot. Your GPA is low, but if you can explain it well, you’ll probably ok. I think UCI is a high match for you.

UCI: HIgh Match.
Anthropology is not as competitive of a major as such STEM but UCI still likes high GPA’s (4.0+). Your ACT is very competitive so I would say it could go either way. Good Luck.