UCL for Media?

Hi! I recently received an offer for English at UCL - which from what I understand is quite prestigious. However, I am not sure if I would enjoy the course. If anyone could shed light on how rigorous it is?

As an alternative, I was considering Media at UCL (undergrad) but can’t seem to find much info on that, it would mean the WORLD if someone could help me out with that too!

The BA Media course doesn’t exist yet- autumn 2021 will be the first year. You would have to apply for it in the autumn.

Rigorous means different things to different people. Have you read the course description & module info? Does the thought of reading those books sound like something you would enjoy?

UCL does not offer courses in Media.

And, yes, it is true that UCL is prestigious for English. Probably only behind Oxford in prestige for this.


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  2. some subjects, at some universities ask for a paper as part of the application (for example, History at Oxford). They prefer a graded paper from a regular school assignment.

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