UCLA 2021 Architectural Studies or any Arts majors

Hey! I applied for Architectural Studies as a transfer student for Fall 2021. If anyone else has applied to the School of Arts and Architecture, do you guys wanna create a group chat on Instagram and share portfolios?

Feel free to leave a message below and introduce yourself and your major!

Hi! I applied to Design and Media Arts so the portfolio process was a bit different for me, but I would be happy to share what I submitted. I can also send you a portfolio from someone I know who got into the Architecture program last year. My IG is @nation.32 so feel free to dm

Hi there! I just recently created this account on College Confidential and this is my very first post on this site. I also applied for the Architectural Studies major as a Fall 2021 transfer student and I would love to possibly join an Instagram GC to connect and share portfolios! I’m beyond nervous for decisions coming out any day now and I’m definitely looking forward to hopefully connecting with others who are in the same boat! Good luck to everyone!

Hey! Nice to meet you! Rumor says they get released today at 5 pm! My Instagram is @ nikajartwork so u can dm me on there and we can share portfolios!!