UCLA 2025 Chance Me (OOS)

GPA (UCLA Guidelines): 4.0 UW and 4.4 W

Rank: 2/160

Coursework: Overall took the most rigorous coursework available + more (AP/IB not available until junior year)

  • Sophomore: All honors
  • Junior: IB Biology HL, IB Lang & Lit HL, IB ToK SL, AP Spanish, AP Statistics, Honors Pre-Calc (Took 2 math classes for fun)
  • Senior: Same IB Classes, AP Spanish, AP Calc BC, AP Gov, CP Physics (AP Not Available) (2 science classes and 2 social studies)


  • Student Council (3 yrs)
  • Girl Up (Fundraising/Social Justice) (3 yrs)
  • Hospital Volunteer (60 hrs)
  • Digital Leadership and Cultural Exchange (I designed a project for an issue in my community, 60 hrs)
  • Did a mentorship program for elementary students and community service club for 1 year.
  • Played premier club soccer 1 year (quit due to injury)


  • NHS and NSHS
  • Book Award from a college
  • President’s volunteer service award

I think my essays were pretty good.

Intended major?
UC GPA’s? GPA Calculator for the University of California – RogerHub

Is UCLA affordable at $65K/year to attend?

AP scores and SAT II scores (if any?)

  1. Political science
  2. I stated it above (4.0 UW and 4.4 W)
  3. That doesn’t have anything to do with my chances of getting in, but yes.
  4. I only took 1 AP Exam: 3 on AP Stats

The UC’s will look at all three UC GPA’s so is your weighted GPA of 4.4, your Capped weighted or Fully weighted? That is why I linked the UC GPA calculator. Most of the admit data for the UC’s is based on the Capped weighted GPA.
Admit rate of applicants with a UC Capped weighted GPA of 4.2+ and not major specific: 38%

Yes, your ability to pay $65K/year has nothing to do with getting in but you would be surprised how many applicants are in shock when they find out they are expected to pay full fees as an OOS student.

You are a competitive applicant but so are the majority of 100,000+ applicants to UCLA. Wishing the best of luck but only time will tell.

Which Digital Leadership & Cultural Exchange program did you do? Just wondering if it was the same one my daughter did.

The Experiment Digital!

That’s amazing! My daughter did Experiment Digital also. Then last summer she got a scholarship for The Experiment Leadership Institute | India: Community Development & Public Health. Since it was canceled due to Covid she ended up being a Peer Mentor for the program.

She also had a club that transitioned to Girl Up and is applying to UCLA.