UCLA a-g requirements

<p>So, I am a senior this year trying to apply to UCLA. I filled out the application and when I was about to submit a box appeared that said,</p>

<p>"We are aware there may be a problem with the "a-g" subject requirement count, specifically for Visual and Performing Arts. If you are receiving a message about missing coursework that you believe is not accurate, please delay your application submission until you no longer see this message. We are working to correct this issue quickly."</p>

<p>However, when I click to the next page it says </p>

<p>A-G Subject Requirements</p>

<p>A preliminary tally of your validated coursework shows you need the following additional yearlong courses to fulfill the "a-g" subject requirements.</p>

<pre><code>* History/Social Sciences: 0
* English: 0
* Mathematics: 0
* Laboratory Science: 0
* Language Other Than English: 0
* Visual and Performing Arts: 0
* College-Prep Electives: 0

<p>This shows that I am qualified for everything, so I am confused! This second page is telling me I don't need anymore courses but the first box says I do. My school doesn't offer year long artistic classes. I've taken Theater Arts and Pottery (both half a semester) and also a film class through my local community college that is worth 3 credits. However, I am still in the process of this class and do not have a final grade yet. When I entered this on the application I had to put the IP button.</p>