UCLA admission

<p>I can see my summary of FASA in URSA website now,,,,does it mean i get accepted?
and every one please check yours</p>

<p>Oh snap. LOL.</p>

<p>...I'd be freaking out right about now. Sorry, didn't apply. Hahaha. Watch the hectic-ness now...-.-;;</p>


<p>What's your major?</p>

<p>Mine hasn't changed yet....</p>

<p>But yes, I believe that means you were accepted.</p>

<p>whoaaaaa... mines says, "Summary 2009-2010 Academic Year
You do not have a Financial Aid Summary for this Award Period."</p>

<p>yours is different?</p>

<p>can you give us a screen shot?</p>

<p>My major is civil engineering.</p>

<p>here what i got in the summary:
Summary 2009-2010 Academic Year</p>

<p>Housing Status: On-Campus
Financial Aid File Status: Complete
Financial Aid Notification (FAN): Not Available
Cost of Attendance: $26,466.00<br>
Student Contribution: $60.00<br>
Parent Contribution: $0.00<br>
Total Financial Need: $26,406.00</p>

<p>i am poor though, lol</p>

<p>Mine hasn't changed either.</p>

<p>By any chance are you an art or architecture major?</p>

<p>any other engineers see their fin aid?? perhaps its only for engineering.</p>

<p>nope, mine hasn't changed either.....I think maybe it's only for engineering students.</p>

<p>sick.. well, (pre)congratulations.</p>


<p>Yeah, no change on my end.</p>

<p>Yeah, no change for me either.</p>

<p>I'm guessing it's only for engineers, so far...</p>

<p>Same here, no change. But then again, I didn't apply for Financial aid or anything. I guess I wont get to see anything, lol.</p>

<p>why? b/c that one guy is an engineer? that's an awful huge generalization to make.</p>

<p>and everyone else who applied to L&S can't see it? Admissions for L&S is seperate from admissions for HSSEAS. Someone in architecture saw their financial aid a week ago.</p>

<p>L&S and I see no changes.</p>

<p>Mine hasn't changed yet either...... my major is sociology I think it belongs to L&S</p>

<p>^ You're right. Engineering, art and architecture majors etc are probably the only ones seeing a change in their financial aid status. I think most people who applied to the college of L&S haven't seen any changes yet. Only one more week left!</p>

<p>I have not checked mine before but now it has a box that says 2009-10 and "no request, financial aid tracking." Is that the standard message before acceptance?</p>

<p>kings13: The financial aid summary is below what you clicked</p>

<p>Ok i see, thanks. I have no award summary.</p>