UCLA Appeal - Transfer 2021

Hi, I’ve seen the threads from previous years made for this so I decided to make one as well!

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I heard that most responses come in waves so if anyone gets a response from their appeal, let us know! Thank you and feel free to message with questions or anything :relaxed:


Hey, I was wondering if anyone had heard back yet? It’s been roughly about a month (4 weeks) since I’ve submitted my appeal, yet the admissions portal still says they “are in the process of reviewing your record again.”

Anyone else have any luck at all?


^same for me

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I haven’t heard back either … what’s your major??

Mine is psychobiology

What’s yours?

any updates?


I applied for architectural studies and got rejected :(( gonna reply next year tho!


Both my sons just received email denials dated Saturday 17th 7pm. That being a weekend sounds like a mass robo dump.