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Hi, I am in the process of crafting my appeal letter for UCLA and was wondering if anyone knew any other required documents I would need to supply for my appeal (ie: recommendation letter, transcript, etc). I’ve searched on the web and all I found was the submission timeline. Thank you so much in advance!

Hi! I’ve been researching and on UCLA’s appeal website is says that they do not take LORs at all! I’ve also gathered the notion that they do not want people who appeal have any advantage over those admitted/waitlisted so you also might not be able to submit updated transcripts unless they ask! Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for that information! When I initially read the LOR part on the website, I thought that meant they’re not taking late LOR but what you said makes much more sense.

Just an FYI for UCLA appeal stats 2019:

of appeals received: 938

of admits: 6

Oh boy, I have nothing else to do in this quarantine situation so :frowning: if anyone wants to read mine and see if it could be more clear in any parts please let me know

@Gumbymom Do you know 2018 stats? Do you know where I could find this data?

@ripadmissionflip: I do not have access to the 2018 data and the data I posted for 2019 was from a link another CC poster posted in the UCLA discussion thread.


Ahaaa thank you! Also would you mind reading my appeal letter? Since I’m not at school I can’t have it read by my counselor or teachers :frowning: I want to make sure it is deep and thorough enough to explain everything.

I’ve seen the stats from 2019, 2015 and 2014…appeal success rates are EXTREMELY low. But my mindset is I would rather go through another rejection knowing I did everything I can than constantly thinking “what if” and regretting my decision to “give up”. Good luck to everyone whos appealing :slight_smile:

It says to submit our appeals online, but where online do we submit it because an option to send an appeal is not on my portal ?

where do you send in an appeal for Ucla?

I believe UCLA accepts appeals from April 1st to April 15th. I’m also thinking about appealing (I’m weighing out my options as more of my decisions come in). Good luck to everyone else!

I am having the same exact problem. I have looked on every single portal and still have not found it so if you find out anything please let me know


Does anyone know how COVID will impact appeal decisions? Will there be more appeal admits this year?

UCLA just started admitting waitlists. Hopefully we will hear back soon

Do any of you think UCLA may admit appeals before May 1st in the IS wave?

Normally it comes at around this time every year right?? If you sent it in on April 1st

According to Reddit, they released some appeal decisions this morning. Check your portal.

@separatelayer i submitted mine within an hour of the LA appeal being open but my portal hasn’t changed and I haven’t gotten an email yet :confused:

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