UCLA Appeals **Class of 2022**

Since this applies to me as well, I wanted to make a thread for anyone who got rejected to UCLA and is planning to appeal! What are your stats? What are you planning to include in your appeal?

Was anyone able to submit their appeal early, or do we have to wait til April 1st to submit?

@BigDreams1011 We have to wait until April 1st.

I had a 4.0 (unweighted) GPA and a 1550 SAT, with an 800 in SAT II Math and 740 SAT II Bio. Pretty strong extra curriculars as well… It’s unfortunate but we’ll see how the appeal goes.

@aquamarine1234 your stats are amazing! best of luck!

I had a 3.78 UW at the time I submitted, 32 ACT, 730 SAT 2 Math. I also had a 650 SAT Chem score I didn’t submit but I now feel like maybe I should have. I can confidently say my ECs were 10/10 and my essays were at least 7-8ish/10. UCLA is my dream school and I don’t wanna give up until I have no more options.

Same boat, except I appear like a slower student with my stats. I never mentioned my attention-deficit disorder on my initial application, because I didn’t think that played much of a role in my academic achievements. I am sure that I was rejected because I am not the most fit to be in their engineering program, looking at the other students who were accepted from my school with lower stats than me (including extracurricular activities). What I think makes me stand out is how strong I am mentally and the perseverance that I have.
With my ADD and severe anxiety, I think that really took a toll on my stats.
It was really difficult for me to study for the SATs, but somehow I managed to go up 80 points in the english section. (500–>580) I know this is pretty bad, but my essay scores said otherwise, as my highest was 7-6-7 and never lower than 17. :\ I never blamed anything for my own failures. I thought I was just bad at english, but I learned that because of my ADD, I avoid tasks that require long mental effort and commitment (like reading!). This has been the case with my other floppy scores too; however, I managed to barely pass the AP Language exam in 2017, despite having 4 substitutes for the first semester. Only around 10 of the 70 students who took the AP English Language exam passed btw.
Most people think grades at my school are inflated, because I have a 4.3 (W) and LOW test scores… I took all of the rigorous courses offered, because I loved the challenge. (Also, a factor to me not being able to put all my time and effort into studying for the SAT or ACT like an average junior or senior). I hope it doesn’t sound like I am exaggerating, because the combination of of AP Chem and APUSH alone was a load of work.
I don’t know how to put it? I am not the smartest individual, but I am very determined and I see it as nothing can stop me once my mind is set on a goal (excluding when I get distracted by minor things, I’m a bad speaker too because I get lost in my thoughts).
I come from an underprivileged school, where the administration cares more about the students’ attendance than their academic performance. I am currently taking AP Calculus BC (only 6 students in the class, we BEGGED for this course after the principal, vice principal, and counselors) went against us). We have no robotics club, engineering-related class, nothing. I only have a dream and vision, but there were not many opportunities at school. Maybe I should’ve went out to search for them on my own? :\ Now, I’m doubting my decision to appeal.

Is it wise to appeal? I feel like even if they do not accept me on an appeal, I would still feel more content that I was able to explain…

thank you

Has anyone heard any success stories about appeals to the school of nursing?

@tmthle include your add in your appeal 100% as the criteria is new and compelling info that is definitely new and depending on how you structure may be compelling

as for everyone else on here. i was accepted off of appeal last year. I am telling you, do not get your hopes up. rate of appeal acceptance is 3% and be aware that you are likely to hear after may 1 which means you will have to pay deposit at another school before you hear back from ucla (I lost $400 deposit to UVA–these things are NONrefundable). Also, make sure your appeal has NEW or COMPELLING information. simply regurgitating your great stats and GPA is not enough. ucla already had access to these, what is new or compelling about giving them facts they already rejected you off of?

@aquamarine1234 I have not heard of that, but doesnt mean it doesnt exist. I was rejected from nursing last year and go in off appeal for a completely different major (not planning to transfer to nursing later, either. I dont even think you can once youre at UCLA). I’d recommend including info that shows your dedication to nursing that was not in your original application as well as info that caters to your general competitiveness as an application

@potus2044 I feel like mentioning my learning disorder is like an “okay… and?” moment. Everyone has their own personal problems and encounter obstacles that they must overcome, mine just happened to be this. :\ Wouldn’t they think the same way as I do? I just think they’d want WOW events that you did in your life, like successfully building a self-aware robot… ha?, to be accepted on an appeal. However, coming from where I grew up, there aren’t many opportunities and sometimes we can’t go fetch them, because of everything else that we have going on. I also think this is no excuse to not be able to do what others are, because honestly my school did not have much to offer and I pretty much took everything they did have to help us somewhat be successful students (free after-school tutoring). There’s not much around here that would enhance my application either. When I applied, I did not write anything about my community or surroundings, because I thought they’d know looking at where I live and go to school…
It is so difficult when schools in neighboring cities have so many different programs and help to benefit their students, because these are who I feel like we’re being compared to.
Sigh, I don’t know what to do?

Hi everyone! UCLA has been my absolute dream school since I was like 8, and I have been thinking about appealing my rejection. In November, during the college application process, I was in a serious car accident that I was lucky to walk away from with minimal injuries. However, I do feel that it had a negative effect on the strength of my application (essays). I struggle with anxiety, so my car accident left me restless and on edge for months (something I am still dealing with), yet, I managed to work through It all and end the fall semester with the highest GPA I have gotten throughout high school (4.7). Also, before spring semester started, I was accepted to a competitive hospital internship class at my school. It is coursework, but I was never able to put It on my UC application because I didn’t find it that It would be on my schedule until January. I also spoke at an international healthcare conference in December about an abstract I wrote for a product I came up with that would help treat anxiety. I really want to go into the medical field, and psychobiology is a really special major offered at UCLA that I feel like I have personal connections with due to my personal struggle and this conference. Could someone tell me if these reasons would be means for an appeal? I love UCLA, and I really want to give It one more shot. So it’s It worth It?

If I were to write an appeal, should I write it concisely or could I include some eloquent diction and some figurative language? I want to implement some of my personality into my appeal.

I’m definitely going to appeal!! I have some “new and compelling” information that I can include in my letter of appeal that explains why my GPA is so low, and since I march with my school’s color guard I can submit my appeal through the marching band which should help me out a lot because that’s something I’m good at. Good luck with your appeals everyone (:

@spicyquiche How do you submit through a program? Is there a specific area to go to for those appeals?

@tmthle only marching band as far as I know, you can audition even if you got rejected and they’ll look at your appeal

Similar issues here. I was out for 2 months during senior year after an onset of medical issues. don’t know if that’s valid though since they don’t consider senior year? I still wrote my essays under my medical issues though? Like @tmthle stated, I just don’t know how great of an extenuating circumstance they would accept. I’m also a little worried about gushing too much about my personal medical issues, since I’d rather keep it as vague, but at the same time I feel like the more specific I am the more validity I will get from them. Agh it’s frustrating =(

@jess27 It’s hard right? When you don’t know if talking about your personal health issues would be beneficial in your appeal, even though you know how much it affected your academics. :\ I’m still deciding whether I should submit an appeal… worth a shot?