UCLA Art Transfers 2021

Hey everyone!! I’m starting this thread to connect with other UCLA art transfer hopefuls. This is a super stressful time and I think it would be great to connect and share updates with each other especially because art admissions is very different from other programs in school. Please introduce yourself!! :slight_smile:

Hey I just found this! I’d be a sophomore transfer if I get in and I applied for the architectural studies major! What did you apply for? Also when do decisions come out for transfers?


I was wondering if UCLA Art going to send an invitation to the art house to prospective applicants this year.

Anybody know?
And also,
Anybody know approximately when they sent those letters previous years? Ex.mid March

Hey I’m not sure if they’re going to send them because of the pandemic, unless it’s a virtual event. Have you heard back yet?

Do you mind if you comment here when you get invitation?

I was curious about the same thing! I saw that last year they held the event digitally in April but I know that in the event they clarified it was only for admitted students so I am not sure if there were transfers invited. The youtube video from last year is available online. I’m glad I’m not the only one curious about this

I’m glad that we can share our thoughts.

I emailed them about it yesterday… I’ll keep you guys updated!

How nice!
Thank you


Did you hear anything back from school yet?
Sorry for asking.

Hey, not yet! I got the automated email saying that they received my email but they haven’t said anything yet :confused:

I’ll keep you guys updated!

Thanks for letting me know.

Hey I still haven’t heard back from them yet :// have you gotten anything yet?

Nothing yet…


If you go to page 5 it mentions something about the Virtual Open Houses!

Maybe this helps??

Yeah but do you think they didn’t send to anybody for this year yet?

Thank you so much for the update though

Hey so I finally called again and they said it comes after the decisions come out!
I hope this helps!

Thank you so much for letting me know!

hey fellow arts majors!! I thought i’d start up this thread again because i’m SO NERVOUS but I thought it might be nice to get to know each other a little while we wait. what is your preferred art medium and dream job?