UCLA biz/econ major - MGMT classes

<p>Hi. I'm a newly admitted transfer student for Fall 2010. Have you guys talked to your academic counselor? I have, and she told me I may take Econ 11, Econ41, Mgmt 108 for the fall. </p>

<p>The thing is I'm not that comfortable taking Mgmt 108 (business law) in the fall since it is not required to declare Accounting minor. I'm aware that I need to take Business Law class to meet the CPA exam requirements, but as of now, I don't think it is urgent and I can take it later when I'm up for it. </p>

<p>I was thinking of taking Mgmt 120A (financial accounting 1) or Mgmt 122 (management accounting). Between these two classes, what would you recommend me take?
Should I take Mgmt 120A before Mgmt 122 for better understanding??(I know Mgmt 120A is not a prerequisite for Mgmt 122)</p>

<p>Any suggestion will be appreciated! Thank you!</p>

<p>If you're doing just business economics, you only need 4 accounting classes and since you're a transfer, I assume you'll be at UCLA for at least six quarters so you can have a quarter or two where you don't take any. That said, I really recommend you take easy classes along with Econ 11 and 101 since you pretty much need a 3.5 or so in both to get into Business Economics unless you have a really high pre-req GPA and 11 and 101 are pretty hard.</p>

<p>If you do decide to take an accounting class in fall, definitely take 120a since Ravetch will be teaching it in the winter and you want to avoid him like the plague.</p>

<p>I'm taking the same classes in the Fall as a transfer too! </p>

<p>The department advisor and my OC said that they really don't want us taking MGMT 120 classes our first semester, especially with econ 11 & 41 because accounting classes are supposed to be really difficult at UCLA and because it's really important that we do well Econ 11 & 41. They made it sound like there was a policy against it for entering transfers, but if you really wanted to switch to a 120 class, I bet you would be able to on URSA no problem. </p>

<p>MGMT 108 isn't required, but it will go towards getting a degree in biz-econ because it's one of the classes where it says "take 4 out of these possible MGMT classes" or something like that.</p>

IMO, Ravetch is a great teacher. Yes he is difficult, but he is still excellent. One will definitely learn a lot about accounting taking his class. Furthermore, he is a VERY respected person in the LA area. Recruiters greatly favor students who excel in his class</p>

You could take a MGMT 180 class instead. You're really limited in choices because a lot of classes have Econ 11/41 as the base pre-reqs (not to mention 101/102)</p>