UCLA BizEcon Transfers

<p>Can anyone confirm that the Acct 1 and 2 prereqs are no longer needed for transfer?</p>

<p>Well according to the UCLA packet i picked up at school.
Business Economics *
to be considered for this major, all of the preparatory courses listed here must be completed. One course in microeconomics, one course in macroconomics, two courses in calculus (from the math/physical science sequence), and one course in English -critical reading and writing (composition and literature). Note you must be admitted directly into this major. You will not be able to change into this major after admission to UCLA.</p>

<p>I think they have a relatively new course that crams the material from Acct 1 & 2 (the old Mgmt 1A & 1B) into a single course. Maybe they want you to take this course at UCLA. Good question though. I dont know the answer. Perhaps they want more weeders for transfers (econ 11, 101, Mgmt 100, and to a lesser extent econ 103).</p>

<p>Thanks shyboy.</p>