UCLA & Cal

Is a 32 ACT score good enough for UCLA and UC Berkeley, alongside a 4.29 UC GPA, and a 4.0 UW GPA? Here’s the list of courses I’ve taken since the beginning of Sophomore to Junior Year:


-Honors Chemistry (A/A)
-English 10 Honors (A/A)
-Pre-Calculus (A/A)
-AP Euro (A/A)
-Spanish 2 (A/A)

Summer of 10th Grade:

-Spanish 3 (A/A)


-AP Biology (A/A)
-AP Calc AB (A/A)
-AP Psychology (A/A)
-AP Spanish (A/A)
-AP English Lang. (A/A)

Summer of 11th Grade:

-Art History (A/A)

What is your intended major?

Biology @QuiteAverage90

@kingofacademia4 u actually have a 4.61fully weighted UC GPA, which is on point for both UCLA and UC berkeley and UCLA’s average ACT score hovers around a 31 so youre good there but berkeley’s average ACT score is 33 so I’d say berkeley-High Match/Low reach and UCLA-match

Really? I thought Berkeley’s average ACT admit for CA residents was 31, and for Out Of State students 33 (according to Class of 2019 Stats). By the way, I’m a CA resident, sorry for not making that clear. @BucketsUCSC


Chances are good. Your GPA is great.

You good academic makes up for your borderline score. I think you will make it to both!

@kingofacademia4 you’re right my bad so that means berkeley’s a match and UCLA’s a low match you should get in

If your major is Biology, then UCB and UCLA are matches.

How are your AP scores for each class?

how do you have a 4.29 UC GPA? :0

That’s what I got from my calculations, is it incorrect? @chubii

@Nick2190 3, 5, 5, 5, 5, 3, but I unfortunately didn’t pass bio (2)

I just calculated it too, and it’s right haha…
It’s really high imo :0

That is still very good! Your ACT score is good, and the classes and your AP scores make you competitive. But just to make you stand out even more make sure you are or have been doing many extracurricular activities (I’m sure you have). What have you done so far?

AP scores have very little bearing on admission decisions. They are used for college credit. Taking the AP classes and doing well grade wise is far more important.

How would you say my chances stand for these schools considering I have some quality extracurricular as well? @Gumbymom

@chubii ,@kingofacademia UCLA and CAL look at fully weighted UC GPA means there is no cap on the number of UC weighted honors/AP course given extra weightage so this GPA for the OP is a 4.61 not a 4.29

You have a very good chance at an acceptance at both schools.

Good Luck.