<p>I am a 3rd year community college student, I recently applied to UCR, UCSB, UCI, and lastly UCLA....</p>

<p>As time draws near, UCLA is becoming my top priority...
Here is a bit of my background as to who I am and what I can
bring to the playing field... I am majoring in Chicano Studies and alternate major is Spanish. </p>

<p>Transfer GPA: 3.0 ( a bit low, I did horrible my first two semesters)
71 units completed
All major requirements completed
Excellent and well written Personal Statements.</p>

<p>Programs Involved IN
Puente Program (a UC Funded program) </p>

<p>Extra Curricular Activities
Puente Club President and founder
Ready Rams Club Member and and VICE President
Spanish Club founding member
and extensive community service hours...</p>

<p>Do I stand a chance. Or should I just consider UCR as my top priority.</p>

<p>to add onto my list, I forgot to mention these. </p>

<p>I also attended numerous of leadership conferences.
One of them being a one week residential stay at UCR,
were I was voted as the Southern California Puente President.
I aslo participated in the 2011 Student Leadership Forum form presented
trough Puente, EAOP, and Meza.
And many other leadership conferences.</p>