UCLA Class of 2021 Admission Decisions

Hello Everyone,
Does anyone know when the UCLA Admission Decisions come out?
I know UCSD sent their decisions on Saturday, March 11.
P.S. If you guys also know when UC Berkeley sends theirs out, please let me know too.

UCLA decisions will come out this Friday, March 17th at 5 PM PST. It was confirmed by their admissions twitter :slight_smile:
I think Berkeley decisions will come out March 24th.

@ambikav33 UC Berkeley is releasing decision on March 30th, according the email they sent out on February 11th.

What email on feb 11th ?

Just found out. Accepted into Pre-Stats with a 4.48 GPA (UC weighted), 1920 SAT, no ACT. I’m actually surprised with my decision.

UC GPA: 4.4+
SAT: 2150
SAT II: 780 U.S. History

Template wasn’t working, congrats to everyone who made it!

The template doesn’t work for me…so mine is more Resume style:

REJECTED (Letters and Sciences)

GPA: ~4.1
Rank: Top 10% (600 students)
School type: Large public

SAT: 2380 (800 M, 800 CR, 780 W)
SAT II Mathematics Level 2: 790
SAT II Chemistry: 790
SAT II Literature: 710
SAT II Physics: 770
AP Test (Scores): AP Calculus BC (5), AP Calculus AB Sub-Score (5), AP Chemistry (5), AP Statistics (5), AP English (5), AP Psychology (4), AP US History (4), AP Biology (3), AP European History (3)
PSAT: 1460 (710 E, 750 M) - Commended
AMC Scores:
9th Grade - AMC 10A, 82.5
9th Grade - AMC 10B, 94.5
10th Grade - AMC 12A, 76.5
11th Grade - AMC 12A, 76.5

First-Degree Black Belt in Karate (9th)
Top of the Tribe (3x) (9th, 10th, 11th)
Tennis (2 yrs Junior Varsity, 1 yr Varsity) (JV = 9th, 10th and V = 11th, 12th)
AP Scholar Award (10th Grade)
AP Scholar with Distinction Award (11th grade)
Scholar Athlete Award (Tennis) (9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th grade)

USC Research - I conducted basic science research under a USC professor and learned essential lab techniques and practices (Summer 2016) (30 hours, 7 weeks)

Mu Alpha Theta - President and Founder (11th, 12th) (3 hours, 30 weeks)
I educated students and increased their general interest and knowledge in the area of mathematics

Chess Club - Vice President (10th, 11th) (2 hours, 30 weeks)
I helped host and organize school-wide chess tournaments, while promoting the game of chess and teaching the rules of the game to my fellow peers

UNICEF - Publicity (1 year) / Vice-President (1 year) (4 hours, 30 weeks)
I spreading awareness about current conditions of poverty, and potential ways to help communities/people in need of finance

Free the Slaves - Treasurer (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th) (1 hour, 30 weeks)
I helped raise money to spread awareness about the unfortunate prevalence of human trafficking

YAC (Young Adult Council) - Member (10th, 11th) (2 hours, 30 weeks)
I planned fundraising events for my local library and came up with ways to encourage children to read more

NHS (National Honor Society) - Member (11th, 12th) (3 hours, 30 weeks)
I tutored students in a variety of subjects and participated in community service projects

CSF (California Scholarship Federation) - Member (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th) (2 hours, 30 weeks)
I participated in a multitude of community service projects and tutoring opportunities

Ambassador Program - Member (11th grade) (1 hour, 30 weeks)
I mentored and spent time with freshmen students. I gave advice about high school and offered emotional support when they needed it.

English - Native or bilingual proficiency
Spanish - Limited working proficiency
Tamil - Elementary proficiency

Took Pre-Calculus Course at Community College
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML, CSS
Limited Proficiency in Java and Python

At the end of the day, it’s still just a college. Lots of other great schools I’m waiting on. Congrats to everyone accepted!

3.5 UW GPA (plus a downwards trend until senior year first semester, which they don’t see unfortunately)
35 ACT (33M, 35R, 35E, 36S)
SAT II Chinese: 750
SAT II World History: 790
SAT II US History: 770
SAT II Math 2: 790
10 AP’s
National Merit Finalist
Invited to Cal Invitational debate/speech tournament at Berkeley

feelsbad to everyone who got rejected, but good luck with private schools

@SomedayIwill Sorry about that man. You are obviously overqualified. GPA is BS, it doesn’t represent a thing. TBH the ppl with 4.0s end up getting burned out in college. You’ll get in somewhere great, I promise.

Accepted!! Geophysics Major
New SAT:- 1500/1600 (one seating)
SAT II - Physics:- 800
Chem:- 800
Math 2 :- 800
AP:- AP Phy C,1&2 :- 5 Chem:- 5 Calc AB:- 5 this year Calc BC PhyC(E&M) Gov&Pol and Eng Lang.
GPA:- In India so no GPA
Rank:- 4/40
OOS, (US citizen Abroad)

I seriously dont know how this happened!!
Accepted:- UCSD and UT Austin
Rejected:- Caltech
Applied:- Penn, Brown, UCBerkeley

^ your GPA must be like 10.0

Accepted to UCLA this morning!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(test scores and stuff:)
ACT 33
IB Diploma: predicted 43 out of 45
GPA: 6.5 out of 7 (yeah…IB…)

Accepted into UCLA. 4.48 UC GPA, 6 AP classes, 20+ hours a week of extra-curric and volunteering, 1920 SAT, good essays.

I received an email from UCLA saying that the decisions are out however on the portal this is what they’re showing me :
We’re sorry, but we were not able to find a record that matched the login information you entered.

Anyone else going through the same problem ?

Accepted to UCLA College of Letters and Science

2050 SAT
800 SAT2 BIO 720MATH2
4.0 UC GPA

Congrats :slight_smile:

Wait listed

International student from India (but living in UAE)

Sat : 2180 highest single sitting
Sat 2 : 800 In maths physics and chem
10 and 9 grades 10 points each
11 grade 94 percent

ECs: decent but not great

Ethnicity: Aryan from India
Intended major: School of engineering

Other colleges: Deferred pton
Rejected Jhu
Accepted Northeastern

Waiting for: HYPS Upenn ucb rice
General comments:
God help me

It came as a surprise to me, but I got ACCEPTED!

Major: Applied Math (College of Letters & Sciences)

SAT: 1460
SAT 2: Physics-800 Math2- 800

Grades: Around 90%
ECs: Nothing significant.

Ethnicity: Indian

@sham289 I’m having the same darn problem :slightly_frowning_face: