UCLA Class of 2024 Discussion

Hi potential Bruins! Welcome to College Confidential and the 2024 UCLA thread. This will be the official discussion thread for applicants. I’m 10s4life and currently serve as College Confidential’s UCLA Forum Champion and moderate all UCLA related threads. I’m also a current UCLA student and work in admissions as an Engineering Ambassador. Feel free to ask any UCLA related questions here. Note I do not chance. Please refer to released stats and see where you fall, I cannot and all users cannot tell you if you’ll get in or not. Welcome and good luck on the admission journey!

@10s4life Is there an official transfer thread for students applying as a transfer for the 2020-2021 school year?

Never mind. I found it. For anyone else who wants to transfer to UCLA and can’t find a transfer thread, I’ll just post it here.


Hi My Son is in IB board , can you tell me what is the range of IB points one should have for a fair shot at UCLA . Every where they are saying GPA.

@achald IB scores are the same as AP scores. They are “value added”. Gpa and sat/act are the most important things. Ap and IB scores are negligible in the process. Engineering for instance does not accept IB year scores for credit.

Hello, are there certain things I should pay attention to when I write my Personal Insight Questions (ex. certain characteristics or situations to emphasize)? Is it too late to start doing community service if we didn’t do much before?

Thanks for all your help before and going forward! A question about AP and subject test scores. I have a feeling D forgot to list the colleges to receive free reports when taking those tests. Should I order them to be sent or they are just redundant? I know only a few AP scores will matter anyway, and since D will be taking those next year after admission decisions, she could (hopefully!) just list the college she’ll be attending at that time. I just wonder if it’s worth it ordering any reports now for admission purposes. Thanks!

@typicCAmom: No reason to send AP scores now. They need to be sent only to the college where your D ends up attending next year.

When will the common Data set for Fall 2019 be published for UCLA?

@typiCAmom What @Gumbymom said. Send it in once you’re admitted

@lakmak Fall

@Gumbymom and @10s4life, thanks! What about subject tests? I know they are not required for non-engineering majors, but are they helpful or somehow expected from non-lower-income students? Thanks!

@typiCAmom They are value added. Sending them can help. Not sending them doesn’t hurt you

@typiCAmom: If there are SAT subject test recommendations for the major and it is not a financial burden, then I would have your D consider taking them. If she is not happy with her score(s), she can use score choice and send none, 1 or 2 but they could enhance her application if the scores are competitive.

@10s4life and @Gumbymom, huge thanks!

For those who are interested, I just saw that the admission rate for 2019 was 12%


To compare from other years:
Fall 2019: 111,000 applicants / 12% acceptance rate / 13,320 total admitted

Fall 2018: 113,761 / 14% / 15,970

Fall 2017: 102,242 / 16% / 16,456

Fall 2016: 97,121 / 18% / 17,474

Fall 2015: 92,728 / 17% / 16,016

I’m applying from out of state (NC) and was wondering if a high school arts credit is really required for out of state students. I assume that it is required in California high schools, but in NC we do not need the fine arts credit. Thanks.

Yes, a year of visual and performing arts is a requirement regardless of what state you are from. http://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/freshman/out-of-state/index.html

Would it be worth applying if I haven’t completed all of the A-G requirements? The only class I couldn’t fit in my schedule is a visual arts class. I feel like my application could be strong otherwise, but without it will solemnly be considered.

Here is UCLA’s response to another applicant missing the VPA requirement.

My suggestion is to be the most competitive applicant for UCLA, you should definitely make room for a VPA course be it at your local CC for a 1 semester course, on-line or replace a HS course Senior year.