UCLA Class of 2025 Appeal Discussion

If you listed something different on the UC application vs what you ended up taking, you are required to notify all schools about the schedule change. Your transcript needs to match what you listed in the application. For the schools where you have been admitted, you need to email them the changes or there is a risk for losing the acceptances.

UCLA’s website does state for an appeal: additional coursework or information that clearly shows the student to be stronger than had been earlier evidenced.

Regardless if you appeal or not, you still need to notify all the schools of the schedule change.

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Thank you so much! I will definitely try and notify the campuses about the schedule.

Guess I am going to UCI!

@Rudolph7: Best of luck at UCI and also a great option.

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Hi! I was wondering if there is any advice or tips you can give me because I got rejected to all 4 UCs and they have been my dream school for years

I am dying to send in a letter of appeal and i appreciate any help or advice that i can get

I believe I have a compelling reason for my appeal that fits the criteria but I was wondering what major I will be considered for. I applied and got rejected from Engineering but would like to apply as a biology major now.

Applying to a different major is definitely not grounds for an appeal

Not what I asked lol. I have a compelling reason but also wanted a new major. Can I do that?

No, you can only appeal for the major you were rejected. Getting into Engineering and then changing your major to Biology after being admitted is an option.

when do u think appeal decisions will be released this year

I hope I’m not coming across as annoying, but I believe I have to at least try a last effort at my dream school. I studied the criteria for the basis of an appeal, and I think I have something.

New stronger extracurriculars or better senior year grades, awards etc are not the basis for a reconsideration. Neither is a change of major.

I omitted an extracurricular which was actually a fairly successful business because it involves video games and I believed at the time it came off as childish. Do you think this is sufficient basis for an appeal? I also wish that UCs factored in scores and APs into consideration (I heard that your APs do not factor into admission at UCLA, only placement credit) because both of those are very strong for me. Let me know if that sounds like a valid basis, and if you’d be willing to read an appeal letter of mine. Thanks!

That’s cool you have a business. Given there were about 140k freshman applicants and they admitted less than 16k having one extra EC won’t be enough to overturn the decision. They’re looking for stuff like you had a major illness which caused u to take a lower rigor course load one year and it wasn’t reported. Stuff as impactful as that. One extra ec isn’t gonna be enough. Of course u can try but I don’t think it’ll work.

Is the business well known? What is it doing to help society? How much are your sales? Those are things that would set it apart from being an ec to something worth mentioning for an appeal.

Sorry if I sound harsh just trying to be realistic.


I was just wondering, when UCLA says “High grades received in the senior year, recently acquired awards or additional extracurricular activities are not a basis for the reversal of a decision since decisions are based on academic information that was available at the time of application.”, does that mean we are only allowed to include things that were not previously included in the application? Or in other words, are we still allowed to mention things that have happened after submitting our applications as long as they aren’t our “basis”?

Nothing can be submitted that happened after the application deadline of November 30th. The appeal can only utilize information that was not previously included.


Hey I just wanted to ask if my appeal could potentially have grounds for a reversal. I talked about being an active translator for COVID patients out of state during the whole month of November, making it difficult for me to devote my full attention towards my application. Nonetheless, I also focused on my passion for my major and listed the many interviews I’ve had with attorneys in the past (specifically months before november) so that I could further this interest all which I didn’t include in my personal responses.

Hey, anyone hear back yet/contacted the admissions office to see when decisions could be out?