UCLA Class of 2025 Appeal Discussion

Discussion thread for discussing appeals for adverse admission decisions.

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You’ve been so helpful. As you can understand we’re heartbroken and shocked. If he’d known that he wouldn’t have been considered for the College of Letters and Sciences he would’ve applied there first and just transferred as TFT is very competitive. I’m just not sure what to do and :weary: would obviously have accepted the decision had we not been told otherwise at both a virtual tour and in person tour in September of 2019!

@Gumbymom can they appeal stating the major change as a reason? I havent seen this situation before.

My understanding that for an appeal to have merit, it must be for some compelling reason. Change of major is not a valid reason to appeal. UCLA I believe gives Freshman up to January to change their applied major on the application.

I see. He just feels so blindsided because he would’ve applied differently if he wasn’t given that information twice. He’s consistently had straight As and his GPA has even gone up with the first semester of senior year. We could also double check the application to make sure the honors and AP courses were entered correctly.

Does anyone know if someone who has been put on the WL after applying as a freshman but could apply as a transfer can ask for their application to be reviewed as a transfer rather than as a freshman?

Does anyone know the process of appealing? Are there guidelines like a word limit for your letter and where to send it to?

Are any of these reasons worthy for appeal consideration? Given they were not presented in the application beforehand.

  • Did not showcase a planned UC approved course for senior year courseload (D.E. California Geography).

  • Two AP courses (AP Government & AP Economics) are taken only for a single semester.

Unfortunately I also did not list the AP economics course for my second semester on my (planned) senior year schedule. To let them see I took advantage of all the rigorous classes at my high school?

Also I didn’t specify whether or not I was in the varsity team for my cross country team. I managed to make it before college applications were due.

I was wondering if international students can appeal decisions and if the following would be considered grounds for an appeal.

  1. I got a major award that basically grants me a full ride scholarship for all four years of college.
  2. I started an internship with a local startup working on drones and have a major role.
  3. I got my mid term grades that continue to show my upward trend and can make some corrections to some minor mistakes when describing ECs in my original application.

I also initially applied as a computer science major but would rather switch my major instead. Can I mention that in the appeal letter? And what would the appeal process look like? is there a format for letters and where do we submit them?

Sorry, those are not compelling reasons for an appeal unless you did not list them on your original application. Making Varsity, unless you are a recruited athlete would also not be new and compelling.

was there anyone who appealed successfully?

Here is what the UCLA website states about what does and does not constitute an appropriate appeal.

High grades received in the senior year, recently acquired awards or additional extracurricular activities are not a basis for the reversal of a decision since decisions are based on academic information that was available at the time of application.

When we talk about presenting “new” information, we mean information not already presented in the original application (e.g. classes that were not listed as AP or Honors that should have been, additional coursework, etc.) — information that clearly shows the student to be stronger than had been earlier evidenced.

thanks! do you know the procedure to appeal?

UCLA use to have procedure posted on their website but I do not see it any more. I would contact @10s4life for information.

Below is are the appeal stats for UCLA 2020:
Number of appeals submitted: 1240
Number of appeals granted: 9

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thank you so much!

Yeah, unfortunately I did not list them on my original application. I stated that I would take a D.E. US History course for a single semester, maybe they thought I became lazy by taking a free period second semester when, in reality, that was not the case.

I listed the AP Government course for two semesters when in fact, I was going to take the AP Economics course for second semester aside from taking the exam for gov.