UCLA Class of 2025 Discussion

Our district too, much to our dismay. The odds of an acceptance are getting on or about Ivy-level odds. Hopefully, the essays are even more important than usual!


I don’t know what goes on inside the UCLA admissions office. BUT with common sense this is what I’m going to assume.

-NOT everyone receives the invite for the alumni scholarship
-The invite is probably based on a quick review on leadership qualities, interesting backgrounds, stellar academics
-In recent years, the correlation between receiving the invite and being admitted has been significantly smaller
-THEREFORE, a lot of students who got the invite will be flat out denied and students who didn’t get the invite can still be admitted.
-DON’T believe the alumni scholarship invite is an indication of admission.
-Sit back and we will hear in 9 days. Good luck everyone!


Ughhhhh… its such a loooong 9 days tho!!! lol :upside_down_face:

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On the spot!

I meant spot on!

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This is now my fifth admission cycle on the forums and every year the alumni scholarships stir up so many conspiracy theories amongst the applicants.

That email appears authentic (as in its a real AO replying). But the AO is mistaken. So I hope this serves as a final answer to the topic, but I know this will keep getting brought up… sigh.

Alumni scholarship invites are NOT sent to all applicants. Using pre set screening criteria, the UCLA Undergraduate Admissions folks will forward a pool of applicants that is smaller than the actual applicant pool to the UCLA Alumni Association. The UCLA Alumni Association is a separate although related entity to UCLA administration. The Alumni Association then sends out email invites to that select pool inviting them to apply. That is email #1, the good one that means recipients have been screened against criteria that compares favorably with the admission criteria. Past data had shown a 60ish% (most likely lower now) of positive correlation between getting email #1 and eventually getting in. That is because criteria to get invited is similar to criteria to get admitted.

However, all applicants are able to apply for the Alumni Scholarships, so closer to the deadline, ALL applicants to UCLA will receive a reminder email too apply for the Alumni Scholarships. That is email #2 and is sent to everyone so it means nothing.

The AO in that post most likely is referring to the second email. There is a lot of moving parts with admission and not every representative of undergrad admissions will know all the answers. And technically the email #1 invite, although a good thing, is not indicative of admission because its not a likely letter sent by admission but by the alumni association. Its just getting it means your odds are higher just because of how the system works.

Hopefully this all makes sense to everyone. If you don’t believe me, you’re gonna have to trust me or look through all the previous class discussion threads dating back to the class of 2020 discussion over 5 years ago. Best of luck and try not to stress too much itll all be over soon!

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I apologize for bringing it up again. I know you must be so dang tired of talking about it :sob:

@brmb1477 No worries, I just don’t want the reply to keep getting buried. Usually it gets answered, everyone is ok then a few posts later its brought up again haha. Expecting things to be the same next year so its just a part of the process.


Wishing there was a way to pin a message here lol


Best post ever and it all makes sense now!

I received the first invite to apply for the alumni scholarship but not the reminder. I’ve been checking my junk mail frequently too. Anyone else?

Thanks for posting. Just a note that the initial email my son received in January and the reminder email that he received in February were both sent from the “UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships” office rather than the Alumni Association. Not that it makes a difference, but just an FYI in case that is a change from prior years.

Same for my D. She received the first one but not the second email.

@Momella21 Email is from the financial aid and scholarships office address because all money is distributed by them. But all decisions was made by the Alumni Association. They were just the messenger.

Did she submit her application early or something? Trying to think of a possible explanation…

So, I received the supplemental questionnaire, the alumni scholarship invite email and the reminder email. Any odds on this one? :upside_down_face: Just kidding. I’m not holding my breath. Would be awesome to get an acceptance, but definitely not counting on it. I know chances are slim.


Literally me lol, I got all 3 of those.


Sorry if this has been answered already but when do we find out about regents as well. Do we find out if we are admitted or is it later like the alumni scholarship?

@pjk2002 @teenager146 I like your chances. Good for you two!

Regents Application Invites were already sent out… check the thread in mid Feb.