ucla classes fall 2010

<p>wow. so all the classes i had planned on taking this fall are full already. wow, and my registration date isn't even until august 9th. this sure sucks.</p>

<p>Mine is August 9th too. Let's hope there are some classes we need to take left for us!</p>

<p>I'm really crossing my fingers. There are some classes I absolutely have to take to get into that major but they're all full... And they're only offered fall quarter. I heard they open up more spaces for certain majors, especially for transfer students. I hope it's not a rumor.</p>

<p>i'm shocked! all of the classes i need are not even close to being filled and i have orientation tomorrow!</p>


<p>does anyone know how the whole "saving of spots" for transfer students works out?
I mean, if a class says "closed" (pretty much most of the ones i need), is there still a chance that they saved some of those spots for us?
and what is the likelihood of getting in on the first day w/o being waitlisted or added in?</p>