UCLA cognitive science

<p>Hello everyone :)
Just wanted to hear some opinions from you guys..lol</p>

<p>Basically...I applied to UCLA for a major in cognitive science last fall' 11 and i'm waiting for the admission letter. Currently, I'm finishing up my pre req courses (c++, calculus, philosophy) required for this major.
My question is does cognitive science focus A LOT on computer science??<br>
C++ is my first computer science course..and I didn't know I would struggle this badly already =(
(I heard C++ is only the basics.......?)
Should I consider changing my major to something else like psychology instead?
Is it possible to change it later if I get admitted to UCLA as a cognitive science major?
(Btw I put Psychology as my alternate major when I was applying.)</p>

<p>I know I sound lameeeee for choosing a major I don't even know well..it sounded interesting at first.....DDD=
Anyways help me out here? ='(</p>

<p>Unfortunately, you cannot change into psyh once you've been admitted, it'd have to be a nonimpacted major</p>

<p>It is a combination of cs and psych, so yes, you will suffer in upper division algorithms and AI courses if you find basic C++ hard. Like ^ said, you cannot switch into an impacted major such as psych at UCLA, but I think you can switch into neuro since one of my friends admitted last year switched successfully. </p>

<p>Or you can just buy "Sam Teach yourself C++ in 21 days" and try to learn the OOP concepts and stick to the major. It's not that bad, and if your math skill is decent, you will love cognitive science.</p>