UCLA Conditions of Admission 2017 (Transfer)

I just got accepted to UCLA and love the campus and everything there is to it. I read the conditions of admissions and it says I cannot receive a C in any of my pre-requisites, but I will for sure be getting a C in my physics 2 calculus supplement class and maybe one in my general physics 2 class. The supplement class I’m getting a C in is only 1 unit, and physics 2 is 4 units. Thing is, taking physics isn’t even mandatory to get into UCLA, it’s just “highly recommended.” Of course, I’m going to be doing my best to bump up my C in physics 2 to at least a B-, but what do you guys think my chances of being rescinded are for that 1 unit class? Or both classes?

You posted this on the UC Santa Cruz forum. Contact UCLA to verify your options but even if the class is not required, you opted to take the class.

Call UCLA admissions to make sure you understand the requirements. You’re not the first student to post a question here about various conditions placed on their admission – it looks like the conditions vary depending on circumstances. If you are at all confused, you’d better call and ask.