UCLA Decision Countdown

<p>I thought that I would start a new thread specifically for those of us whose first choice is UCLA, or at the very least, those who really want to attend but are still hoping that their academic history will win out by a hair. lol At any rate, it appears that we have a few days to several weeks left of waiting, depending on the "randomness" of their decision process and their perogative in letting us down easily....lol. </p>

<p>At any rate, I hope to see you all there. Detail also your reasons for wanting to attend UCLA. It'll be interesting to read.</p>

<p>Report if you got in, also!</p>

<p>Apparently, they're going to let us know April 27th.</p>

<p>I predict that I will be rejected.</p>

<p>They dare not reject me.</p>

<p>i guess my chance is not high either...
since i dont hv the whole physics series completed...</p>

<p>They will accept me! I'm placing a bet with myself. If I lose I cry, if i win I go shopping. Either way, I'm mad at them for making us wait. :(</p>

<p>every calendar in my house has an ucla countdown on it. i want this acceptance so bad. blah. if its a negative, then im going to have to sit around in my house for another 2-3 weeks before i hear from usc. im just tired of waiting. thank goodness weekends go by fast..</p>

<p>also, if im still pending on wednesday, then im gonna cry, because it seems as if all uc's are giving out acceptances first and denials afterwards..</p>

<p>i dont think i'll get in either...first i took the "wrong" calculus series, second i dont have managerial acfcting completed. Ah well, its still worth a shot.</p>

<p>I'm such a nerd... I love my UCLA sweatshirt, but have refused to wear it (don't want to jinx anything) for the past month. Tonight I moved the sweatshirt the far side of my closet... If I get in I know exactly where it is, and can happily wear it again. If I don't get in I believe it will remain in that corner until I can figure out better use of it.</p>

<p>Also if you don't hear from UCLA on Wednesday don't panic too much. As I understand it 50% will find out on Wednesday, after that it's going to become rolling on a random basis.</p>

<p>Blah. The whole wednesday thing is setting in. And it's definitely freaking me out. Like..I've been waiting way too long. But now Weds definitely feels too soon. I think im gunna have to like. Peek at the screen or something. I wanna know but I'm scared to death to actually look. </p>

<p>Sigh. Coupled with boy issues, this week is either going to be really freaking awesome or utterly miserable.</p>

<p>I'm actually really wondering how I'm going to bring myself to check the UCLA site.</p>

<p>Ps- Allena I'm so with you on the sweatshirt thing. I totally get it.</p>

<p>Yeah me too. Especially since im probably going to be working on my magazine at school all night (deadline...yay) and so ill probably have to check there. </p>

<p>So. Scary.</p>

<p>You all are funny.....with your superstitions and freaking out. Come to think of it, I bought a UCLA sweatshirt and still haven't worn it. Maybe subsconsciously I am trying to ward off bad rejection spirits...lol. At any rate, consider also (though I am rather sure this isn't going to happen) that I receieved my acceptance letter from UCSB a week before their "admissions decision webpage" reflected that I had been admitted. In other words, I got the paper before anything. So, I pretty much am the first person to get the mail these days...if no, I tackle them to the floor looking for a "thick" big white envelope. lol
Hope everyone worries a little less......get excited, but if you don't get in (which doesn't reflect you as a person, but as to what they think they need for their school). Truth be told, I'm sure it sucks.....</p>

<p>Thinking good thoughts.....lol</p>

<p>I know that several people here have received phone calls from the UCLA Alumni Assoc. urging them to apply for a scolarship. Anyway, I don't know if this is good information or not, but I have a friend who is getting his B.S. this year from UCLA and he works in the financial aid office and he told me last night that if you have received a phone call like that then it is definitely a good sign that you will be accepted.</p>

<p>I have not allowed myself to buy ANYTHING until I know for sure.</p>

<p>No shirts, hats, pencils or stickers..nothing. But you can bet your ass I'll be going immediately to the UCLA online bookstore if I get accepted. =D</p>

<p>haha, the first time i went to berkeley, i took pictures but didn't take pictures OF me there. didn't wanna jinx anything! hehe. same thing with stanford, but that ship's pretty much sailed :P i didn't apply to stanford anymore because they'll probably only accept me as a sophomore transfer. </p>

<p>anyhow, like BruinMichelle says, think good thoughts! attract a good vibe! lol</p>

<p>Like I said, I have no idea whether or not this information is accurate. But since the prospect of being accepted by UCLA occupies every part of my brain everyday, of course I ate it up.
Anyway, I hope that everyone who really wants to go there is accepted. Good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>On a lighter note....I'm taking a tour on May 3rd, has anyone else taken a tour? I've been on the campus several times but have never taken an official tour. What's funny is that I actually set it up a month ago and this day was the only day available. I was selfishly hoping to go after May 1st which is what I once believed to be the "decision day".</p>

<p>Secondly, does the size of the school intimidate you in anyway? In other words, it's a given that resources, offices and professors are certainly out of reach, much as they are in a big university. So, with that knowledge, how do you think you'll cope with that kind of impersonal attention? </p>

<p>I don't know about you, but I came from a CC that was large (16000+), but professors were very accessible, admissions and other departments were in easy reach. So, I know I certainly have to make that adjustment.</p>

Secondly, does the size of the school intimidate you in anyway? In other words, it's a given that resources, offices and professors are certainly out of reach, much as they are in a big university. So, with that knowledge, how do you think you'll cope with that kind of impersonal attention?


<p>This is very very untrue. Everything is within reach at UCLA, you just have to take the time to reach for it. The notion that the large nature of the school makes things inaccessible is like saying that because the world is big, it's not at your fingertips. It is. </p>

<p>Yes, you will have big lectures where you'll just be another face...that is if you let yourself just be another face. In fact, I've made sure that every professor I've had knew me by name come final exam time. EVERY professor. Why? That way, when I walked into their office, they could offer me better help with any issues I had with the material. That way, two years from now, they'll at least have a passing memory of me when I ask for a letter of rec. That way, I'm at least worth talking to after class.</p>

<p>So many students at UCLA forget that while the school is huge, their department probably isn't. And even if you're a history major, you have affinity groups that you can form within the faculty anyway.</p>

<p>Anyway, point being: UCLA, or any other large university for that matter, is as big, or small, as you make it.</p>