UCLA decision might be up todai

<p>I checked the UCLA website this morning and still nothing, but i just checked it again and this message showed up:</p>

<p>Record Not Found </p>

<p>We're sorry, but we were not able to find a record that matched the login information you entered. Please try again. </p>

<p>I'm pretty darn sure that all the info was correct, so i'm thinking that they're updating the webpage..tat means decision are going to be up really soon!!! this happened to me for UCSD too, so let's hope so...</p>

<p>lol...this is so crazy how analytical we're getting about this! but....im right there with you. i thought the same exact thing. but now it has the lousy little "late april" message once again. keep your fingers crossed everyone!</p>

<p>that sounds more like a server problem.....lol.....I wouldn't get my hopes up over something like that.</p>