UCLA DMA - Design Media Arts Portfolios

<p>I'm curious about what kind of work everybody sent in with their portfolios applying to the Design Media Arts program. Not to to increase admissions anxiety or anything of course, I just thought it would be interesting to start a thread to get an idea of how each applicant approached the open ended-ness of the supplement.
If you don't have your own website or anything like that, you can make a tumblr very easily, which is also super useful for getting feedback.
Here is my page: <a href="http://thugsonfolio.tumblr.com/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://thugsonfolio.tumblr.com/&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I also think it would be super cool to see what everybody did for their Red project, I made a video documenting a project I did about it:The</a> Face of Red - YouTube!</p>

<p>Btw I'm a transfer applicant from a 4 year private college (wish I was applying from a CC!)</p>

<p>My portfolio was mostly photographs, one digital illustration, and one mixed media. I really liked your video.</p>

<p>My portfolio was basically all graphic design: posters, logos, layouts, skin designs. I had one video (a commercial) but that was it. I really like your stuff. And you obviously put a lot of effort into your Red project, I loved it! :)</p>

<p>I was accepted! I was surprised because I was transferring from a 4 year private college as opposed to a Community College.</p>

<p>When I was applying to the DMA program, I wished that there were more discussion/postings about the DMA program on college confidential, so for future UCLA DMA applicants, I will share some of my stats/profile.</p>

<p>The link to my tumblr/portfolio is in my first post. My basic stats are as follows:</p>

<p>California Resident
SAT: 2000 (I don’t think they took this into account though)
Highschool GPA: 3.76 unweighted
College GPA: 3.58 (at Brandeis University)
ExtraCurriculars: Radioshow DJ, Graphic Design Club, Varsity Rowing,
Relevant Work Experience: Design Office Internship (I think this was pretty important)</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

<p>Congrats Hebrosef! You are right, there is not a lot of info about the DMA program. :
Your project on the color red probably sealed the deal. It was great!</p>

<p>Cool work! I applied as a transfer to the DMA program for Fall 2014. If anyone is on the same boat we should continue this thread and share what kinds of things we included in our portfolio for this year’s application because I’ve been really curious about what other kinds of people have applied and there doesn’t seem to be an active thread for us. In terms of myself I did a commercial-type video for the “Yellow” project and included poster design, photography, book design, an illustration, one app design, and a short 2-d animation. I’d be more than willing to exchange portfolio links with anyone who is interested, just shoot me a private message</p>

<p>i completely agree with sky8888. there seems to be a lack of information as to what this program is looking for…it’d be great if we compiled some more information for prospective students and ourselves! good luck to everyone who applied~</p>

<p>for my yellow project, i also submitted a 2d animation and 2 graphic works. for my main portfolio, i had a healthy mix of technical and creative work ranging from figure drawings, sculptures, cubist works, to graphic designs.</p>

<p>For my portfolio I submitted digital illustrations, a typography and interactive installation, some poster designs, acrylic paintings, photography and a website I coded. </p>

<p>Has anyone received an invite to the UCLA Arts Open House yet?</p>

<p>Haven’t received an email invite but you can sign up for it by going to the events for admits tab in the acceptance
portal. </p>

<p>@OKALLK I posted in the following thread that I had received an email invite to the UCLA Arts Open House event as a Design Media Arts applicant, which you saw: <a href=“UCLA 2014 Architecture Open house Invitation - UC Transfers - College Confidential Forums”>http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/uc-transfers/1625177-ucla-2014-architecture-open-house-invitation.html&lt;/a&gt; I’m curious if any other DMA applicants received one? If it is in fact a likely letter I’d love to know who I could potentially be meeting next year!</p>

<p>Transfers are invited before receiving a decision and it is an admissions clue, considered a “likely” letter. Freshman new admits do not receive the invitation before being admitted. I am writing this for future applicants so they can know that transfers should be on the look out for an invite to the open house prior to being admitted but Freshman applicants do not receive a likely letter.</p>

Hey I’m currently working on my transfer application to DMA! Is there any way I could check our your portfolio when you applied to the program?