UCLA Fall 2021 Transfers

This link says that the first round of Alumni Scholarship offers are made within a week of admission decisions, does that mean we should hear within the next week?

Regents invites were sent out in February for transfers.

Big difference! The Transfer Alumni email went out to over 130,000 people this year (I believe someone emailed the Scholarship Office on Reddit some weeks ago). The Alumni Scholarship is open to everyone, regardless of whether or not you get the email.

The Regents Scholarship, on the other hand, is open to invitations only. You get sent a special code which you then use to apply for the scholarship. Getting a Regents invite is a very, very strong predictor of admission, and they only send the invite out to about 1,000 transfers, I believe. They sent this year’s invites out in February.

I believe the main difference is that one of the scholarships is for Freshman and another is for Transfers. I have zero idea what the email means for transfers, though. I think the 130,000 is just the number of freshman apps they got, so whoever responded to that e-mail is probably not correct. That said, the other responder is correct in that Regents has a far stronger meaning, but I also do not know of any transfer applicants receiving it this year.

How do you know the invite came out in February for transfer? I haven’t heard of anyone receiving it so I was just curious if that has happened for sure. I heard they usually come out about two weeks before decisions come out.

I emailed UCLA Admissions at the end of February asking about when the Regents invites came out, and their reply was something along the lines of: “Invitations for the Regents Scholarship have already been sent out for Fall 2021 transfers. Unfortunately, you were not invited to apply for this scholarship”.

In addition, a few folks have reported receiving Regents invites last month. Here’s an example:


Whoops, misread your message. I thought you were asking if there was a difference between the Alumni Scholarship email and the Regents Scholarship email.

Oh okay thanks! I asked Ms. Sun and she said that last year they were sent out in April 10th so I’m surprised they were sent so early

Well, keep in mind that this invite is extremely rare. If about 1,000 freshman applicants got it, then maybe 200 transfer applicants got it, if I’m going by the rate of invitees to overall applicants for freshmen, which is a tiny percentage of the admits. That would also explain why I’ve only heard of one person getting it. You can definitely still be admitted without the e-mail.

Why do some TAP certified students get rejected?

TAP gives your application a boost, but it is not a guarantee of admission

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Expected decision date?

April 16 is the rumor

Either that or the 23rd, which Berkeley has confirmed as its notification day.

Edit: According to Ms. Sun, but I’m not sure about the correctness of her source.

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I mean, I genuinely hope they don’t have both on the same day (plus San Diego that same day and Davis the day before). That seems like an awful lot of nerves to wade through in just 48 hours. It’ll be fine either way, but dang. The anxietyyyyy!


Is there a max amount of upper division units you can take before transferring?

@mdizzle12: Check this link on page 34 which states the maximum limits for UC transfers. You add your upper division units to the 70 Max lower division to determine what the threshold can be for each campus since it can vary.

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Like Gumbymom said, see page 34 of this reference. UCLA will reject you if you match or exceed the high-unit junior threshold of 86.5 semester units (130 quarter units).

Edit: From below, because this post lacks context and I’m scaring applicants. So sorry.

Thank you. So essentially there is not cap on the amount of upper division units alone and all units are just added together? I’m currently at a 4-year university so I have taken about 5 upper division classes, but I am still under the total unit count.

Yes, that’s my understanding. I don’t want to scare current CCC students, so just to be clear, if you don’t have UC or upper-division units you physically can’t obtain more than 70 semester units.