UCLA Fall 2021 Transfers

Hi guys! I saw that someone made this thread a few months ago but it’s now closed since it was made too early. I think now is a good time to make one! I’ve been so stressed and have been scrolling through last year’s forums. Feel free to leave your stats and ecs down below!


I guess I can start it off, should’ve done this on the UC Berkeley 2021 thread but oh well lol (feel free to comment there too if you’re applying!). Just going to follow this template:

Intended Major [ /b]: Political Science
[ ] State (if domestic applicant): In-State (California)
*] School Type: CC
] GPA: 4.0 (at the moment lol not sure if this will drop next semester)
[ *] Gender: Male
[ *] Income Bracket: Low Income
[ *] Hooks (URM, first generation college, research, etc.): First Gen, Honor Student/ Dean List (or whatever you call it lol)

Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): No work experience but tons of EC’s that relate to my major (they’re all short though due to covid which sucks) but a couple are: Intern for a Councilmember, One of the VP’s at my CC, Aide for two city Commissions, Teaching Assistant and a peer tutor for courses taught at my CC and a local Highschool. Got a scholarship from a program that’s associated with UCB, and applied to Berkeley TAP, unfortunately my CC doesn’t have Tap for UCLA so we shall see (hopefully I can at least get into the one for Berkeley!)

[ *] Job/Work Experience: None (yikes)

[ *] Strengths: EC’s, I drafted my PIQ’s early and had them read over by some UCB transfer students and my Scholarship Coordinator
[ *] Weaknesses: A lot of EC’s cut short due to Covid-19 but will clarify in the additional comments when applying!
Applying to what schools? UCLA, UCB, UCD (Tag)

Good luck everyone!

Hey Guys!

Intended Major: Physiological Sciences
In-State Applicant
California Community College Student
3.91 Overall GPA
4.0 Science GPA
Hooks: President’s Honor List, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Member

EC’s: Research/Lab Work for participation in UCI Honors Conference (Biological and Physical Sciences Category)
≈ 4-5 months of work

Work Experience: Avid Tutor ( 1 year and a couple months)

Strengths: I’m about to complete the honors program at my college so I’ll be UCLA TAP certified (ie Priority Consideration)

Weaknesses: Other than occasional club participation, I only have one noteworthy EC and volunteer options (specifically for pre-med) aren’t really available


Good Luck :slight_smile:

Hi @Danbam23 ! I was just wondering how you got UCB transfer students to read over your essays? Did you know them beforehand because I’d love if a transfer student could look over my essays too.

Intended Major: Physics
Second-Choice Major: Applied Mathematics
In-State Applicant
California Community College Student
GPA (as of summer 2020): 4.00/4.00
Hooks: Honors Program TAP, President’s List x2, 32 Honors Credits

EC’s: Phi Theta Kappa, Mu Alpha Theta, Astronomy Club, Stanford Summer Session (studied mathematics), Research Symposium x1, Honors Research Symposium x2 (presentation on physics related research), Mathematics Competitions

Work Experience: Freelance web-development, ran my own automated currency exchange service

Strengths: Working with an editor on my PIQ’s, hopefully they turn out well. Lab research experience.

Weaknesses: Didn’t complete the physics transfer pathway (won’t have modern physics completed by time of transfer)


Hey @falltransfer2021 ! I had a mix of friends who went to my local community college and successfully transferred to UCB and UCLA who helped me out a ton. Others I met at UCB through different programs, so I was able to have virtually my UC app checked and advised on by students and counselors. Feel free to send a message if you have any questions and best of luck!

Hi everyone!
Intended Major: Chicana/o Studies
Spanish cmty and culture for back-up
In-State CC
GPA: 3.72
Middle class
First Gen, TAP Honor Student, Dean List x3, 57 credits

ECs: Honors research symposium, Honors program, Coach at local high school, some community service hours for coastal clean up

Job/Work Experience: Full time babysitter since September 2019

Strengths: UCLA TAP certified, graduating with 3 degrees, attended UCLA STOMP program, will start workshops for my PIQ’s in September
Weaknesses: I have an EW for a poli sci class this summer session but I don’t think it will matter much

Applying to what schools? UCLA, UCB, UCSB, UCD (tag), SFSU, USC, Pomona College

Hey all! There was something I’ve been curious about but I’ve been getting mixed answers online. I’m from a UC and I’m applying this fall as a first-year transfer (I only spent 1 year at a UC institution so far). I was wondering, do applicants usually include high school activities on UC apps? I’ve heard some people discourage it because it might come off as that I wasn’t as active in extracurriculars during my college years, but I’ve also heard others say that it won’t hurt to mention them because it can provide more background info. I don’t necessarily need to add any high school extracurriculars, but I feel like it won’t hurt to mention some club leadership positions I held during high school. Any thoughts on this?

@dyosay2 I know some people do include it but those are CC transfers. I am not really sure but I think you can include awards you may have received during graduation and such but I think you should focus your application more on what you did in the 1 year you spent at your current UC. Also, may I ask from which UC you are transferring to. I am planning to transfer as well however in Fall 2022. I will be a freshman this fall for fall 2020

Especially if you’re a one-year transfer, add senior year activities.

Hello everyone! How are my chances??
GPA: 3.924 (B in one non-transferable math) (Pending)
UC GPA: 4.00
Major GPA: 4.0 (So Far, taking last two classes this fall)
[] Extracurriculars:
-Alpha Gamma Sigma (Vice-President)(Marketing committee member)(Fundraising committee member)-2 yrs
-Fencing Club (Vice President)-1 yr
-Speech and Debate (competitor 1 yr 5 mnths) (State and NAtional Championship team {Cancelled due top COVID-19})
-Founder and cheif-editor of a political website/blog- 5 mnths
-Social media Intern for the TOR Pasadena- 3 mnths
-Participated on a competitive gaming team that competed in multiple low-level tournaments in California- 1 yr 6mnths
] Job/work experience: Odd jobs for extra cash when my mother needs help with rent.
[] Volunteer/Community Service:

  • Lead Middle School Tutor - 1 yr
  • Democratic Socialists of America: Member and Volunteer -6 mnths
  • California Democratic Party: Volunteer- 6 mnths
    ] Personal Statement: Working on first drafts

[] Applied for financial aid?: Yes
] Intended major: [a] Political Science
[] State: California
] School Type: Community College
[] Gender: Male
] Income Bracket: Low-Income
[] Hooks: First-gen, Low-income, Mexican-American, unique career goals
] Strengths: Probably my extracurriculars and the fact that I was able to completely change my life around. I went from a 2.1 gpa in Highschool to where I am now so hopefully that makes an impact.
[li] Weaknesses: I have 2 W’s in the same math class and this is my third year at a CC.[/li] Applying to which schools?
-UCB, UCLA, USC, NYU, Cornell, UCSB(TAG), UCSD, UCI, UCD, Pepperdine, Boston U, maybe some others

Hi all,

Applying as Anthropology Major (originally was biology but because of covid my college no longer offers ochem so I had to switch due to major pre-r)

I have a 3.89 GPA in college
UC GPA is 3.6 from other college courses while in HS

I’m in Honors Institute, President of Honors Scholars Club, Humanities Mellon Scholar, Cap of Swim team

Applying to ucla, ucb, ucd, ucsb (tag), ucsd, and uci, unc-chapel hill (North Carolina), sdsu, usf, cal poly slo

Hi Guys!

I’m applying as a one-year transfer!

Major: Bus Econ
GPA: 3.9 (Pending)
Major Prep: 5 completed by Fall, 1 this Winter, 1 in Spring
ECs: Full-time job at a restaurant, real-estate intern, Student Body Vice President (high-school), International Baccalaureate Diploma Recipient
TAP: Yes

Downfalls: I am thinking about dropping Spanish because I don’t need it for my IGETC… so I may have one W

Applying to: UCLA, UCSB (tag), UCB, and USC

hi @oneyeartransfer2 i think youre fine if you have a W. especially bc of Covid ppl in admissions know that kids are going to drop things all the time. just make sure it shows up as a W and not a drop F, so just make sure u know when the last day to drop is

Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering
[ ] State (if domestic applicant): In-State (California)
*] School Type: CC
] GPA: 3.91
[ *] Gender: Male
[ *] Income Bracket: Low Income (>75k)
[ *] Hooks: Honor Student/Dean List/Leon S. Peters Honor Scholarship (one of the 25 honor students picked at my community college to receive this award).

Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Planeteers Club (volunteer outreach club where we volunteer at various local areas around the community; held leadership roles: secretary and vice president); Engineering Club member; Gay-Straight Alliance Club member; earned a scholarship through my church; soccer outreach program: I hold soccer practices for local competitive soccer players, helping them in enhancing their skills, as well improving their strength training. I try to do as much as I can to get involved, but I don’t have much time because I’m always taking care of my younger siblings (driving/taking them to school/practices, cooking dinners, etc.). I also help my grandparents every week with their technological needs and assisting with their daily needs (errands, appointments, etc.), all the while juggling 18-19 units a semester.

[ *] Job/Work Experience: DoorDash (due to the pandemic); two summer jobs with a company called Shelco Industries; I had a mechanical engineering internship this summer at California Natural Color; however, it was canceled due to the pandemic.

[ *] Strengths: Although I don’t have a lot of EC’s, I believe they are my strengths (100+ hours of community service); essays are personal and show my development over time (how I could contribute my qualities/skills I’ve learned into my designated major/future college).
[ *] Weaknesses: Not much EC’s or work experience related to major (I was going to explain the situation with my internship in the additional comments section).

Applying to what schools? UCLA, UCB, UCSD, UCSB, UCI (TAP), USC, Cal Poly - SLO

Although it’s not the most powerful resume, I haven’t been able to do much in the short time I’ve been at community college. I graduated high school last year and was able to do some activities over my first semester. However, the pandemic cut certain activities short during my second semester. With the pandemic still going on, it’s hard to do things while staying cautious about my personal health, as well as my families.

i submitted my uc app! has anyone else?

Intended Major [ /b]: Philosophy (pre-law)
[ ] State (if domestic applicant): In-State (California)
*] School Type: CCC- Bay Area :slight_smile:
] GPA: 3.5 :frowning:
[ *] Gender: female
[ *] Income Bracket: Divorced Parents, Mom is lower middle class
[ *] Hooks (URM, first generation college, research, etc.): I am not First Gen immigrant, but first in my whole family to go to college, Work experience

Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Jobs where I worked more than 40 hours a week, worked two jobs at once, Internship, volunteer experience, Water Polo in HS and in College (earned all conference award)

[ *] Job/Work Experience: I had 4 jobs during community college, all technically part time jobs but I would sometimes work around 45 hours a week (I live on my own so I had to pay rent and bills)

[ *] Strengths: EC’s and Job experience , I drafted my PIQ’s early and obsessed over them, had them edited by a Cornell English major HAHA, I spoke from my heart in my PIQs and I feel like they are pretty unique, I had very unique circumstances happen to me (bad but also good writing content LOL)
[ *] Weaknesses: Definitely my GPA and changing of majors three times, I screwed up some classes due to mental health and extreme life circumstances but I retook them and explained myself in my PIQs
Applying to what schools? UCLA, UCB, UCD, UCSB (TAG), UCI, UCSC, UCSD, CSU LB, SJSU, SFSU, CSU Fullerton, CSU Northridge

hey all! I’ll throw my information on here, hopefully, I can help some people once results do come out on what these schools are looking for!

Intended Major: Political Science (English or Philosophy second choice)

Degrees: Political Science AA-T, UC Transfer Pathway for Political Science (not a degree but helps)

State: California (in-state)

School Type: CC

GPA: 4.00 (still have winter & spring semester to go)

TAP Certified? No, not eligible.

Gender: Female

Income Bracket: Middle

Hooks: Scholars Student, First Gen, Deans List (at the end of Fall which is in a couple of weeks), went from 1.3 in February to 4.0 in November

ECs: Teachers Assistant for an English Professor, Writing & Humanities Tutor, California State Assembly Award Recipient (a state-wide award given by Assemblymembers for exemplary service), acting student at a studio in Los Angeles, volunteered with a Skid Row assistance program pre-COVID, freelance politics writer on Medium, volunteered intermittently with LA Food Bank over COVID

Job/Work Experience: Was hired at 15 at a restaurant as a server and promoted to a trainer at 16, and 18 to a manager for the most successful (sales-wise) location in the company. Stayed full-time (40-45 hrs/wk) until COVID hit. I helped develop company-wide training programs for new and cross-training employees, along with my managerial duties. I also worked a second job during 2019 as a reservationist for a fine-dining establishment in Downtown L.A. For a while, I was working 60-65 hours a week to support myself. I was not in school during this time, though, cause I’m not sure how that’s even humanly possible.

Strengths: truthfully a bit unsure, but I would think my extensive managerial experience would be a plus. Additionally, the way I have maximized my time during COVID (taking acting classes, starting a freelance writing page, going to school full-time, and tutoring other students) could be a plus. My strong suit is writing, but I’ve found the PIQ’s a bit harder than expected as talking about myself so much is pretty difficult for me. Currently getting them reviewed so I can revise accordingly and make them stronger.

Where am I applying? A ridiculous amount of schools (need to fulfill my ego and see where I can get into), but my tops are: UCLA, UCB, Columbia, Barnard, NYU, Dartmouth, Yale and Georgetown.

I had a question and was wondering if anyone could help me. I’m a transfer student applying from UCSB to UCLA and am finishing up my application but wondering if I should say why I want to transfer from UCSB to UCLA in the additional comments section after my personal insight question since I am already at a four year university? I honestly just did not find my place at UCSB and I am also originally from Los Angeles (and UCLA was my top choice out of high school but I did not get in) and that is where my family lives so should I include these reasons in the additional comments section?

Thanks! and good luck to everyone submitting their application soon!

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Hi y’all! UCLA is definitely one of my far far reach school but might as well give it a shot! (I’m also a 1-year transfer)
Major: Econ (Pre) or French
CCC GPA from HS: 3.04
Full-time CCC GPA: 3.75
GPA at another CCC is 4.0
Middle class
Dean’s list for Fall 2020
50 Units from HS
56 Units projected for 2020-21 school year

ECs: High School Leadership, Directed a news show for 3 years in HS, PR/Marketing for 4 years in HS, 4 years varsity golf (Team Captain senior year), 400 hrs volunteered at a local hospital, ~600 community service hours, VP of Finance for CCC Student Gov, Political Advocacy, Transfer Academy

Job/Work Experience: HR/Bus Admin intern at a local engineering firm since 2016.

Strengths: EC’s and maybe my essays are the only thing that I think could keep my app afloat in the cycle. If they really do look into it holistically I think that those are the only things giving me a shot. Also lots of leadership experience which hopefully comes in handy.

Weaknesses: Did not perform great in HS and it shows on my CC transcript :confused: Since I am a first year transfer there isn’t a lot to look at that reflects my full time college performance. 2 W’s from my senior year, one from COVID.

Other schools I’m applying to: USC, UCSB (local impaction I think?), UCSD, UCD, UCR (TAG), UCI, Barnard, NYU, GWU, Sarah Lawrence, Cornell, CSULB, CSUF, Cal Poly SLO, SDSU (I know I applied like a crazy person)