UCLA Fall 2021 Transfers

hello fellow transfers! here’s my stats~
Cog sci major (pre) (3.7 GPA)
Prereqs: complete as well as IGETC
Essays are well written 8/10?
EC: full time employee, volunteer at local nursing home, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Youth Program, Dean’s List

Honestly just curious how acceptances will go this year considering COVID. I wonder if that affected out of state students or international students to apply for fall 2021 transfer…

anyone here applying from another UC? I’m currently at ucsd:)

I’m applying from UCSB!

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I’m applying from UCI!

has anyone else gotten their login from ucla yet? i got mine from cal and ucd and i checked my spam folder and still have nothing from ucla

i haven’t either! glad im not alone lol

ahh im so anxious i just want it to be april already :frowning:

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also anyone else a communication major? im so nervous bc the acceptance rate is so low for ucla. i wonder if the pandemic will give us any advantage :confused:

Hey! I applied to most of the UC’s and I got my login for davis on the ninth, berkeley on thursday, and i got sb’s and ucla’s yesterday

I’m also applying from ucsb!

Nice! Do you think 3.88 is a good enough GPA? My major is math/econ.

I think that is a good GPA! I have heard that econ is an impacted major at UCLA and applying from a UC to a UC is just hard to do in general I think but I wish you the best of luck!

They say math/econ is impacted, but the thing is it has a 37% acceptance rate. Granted, the 25th percentile GPA for math/econ is 3.85, but still. If you’re talking about pure econ, then yes that is super competitive (13% admit rate). I also have a 4.0 GPA in all my major classes, so hopefully that helps me out. Overall, I’m not gonna assume any one thing will happen. Good luck with your app too!

Hey everyone! I’m a third year transfer coming from a California community college. My major is studio art and it has a 7% admit rate (rip me) but i’m staying optimistic. I’m hoping to connect with other art majors if possible and just connect with some students like me hoping to get into their dream school.
Here’s my stats…
Major: Studio Art
Credits: 60+ and IGETC completion
GPA: 4.0
EC: part time work, major specific internship, food bank volunteering, lead of a BLM fundraiser, dean’s list

Good luck to everyone!! i’m excited to see what’s going to happen

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Hi! Is anyone else not able to update their fall 2020 grades and spring 2021 courses on the ucla my application website? i know its due jan 31st, do we just update all that information the TAU on the UC app page instead?

Please chance me? Intended Major : Computer Science
State (if domestic applicant): In-State (California)
School Type: CC with a few university classes
[] GPA: 3.94
Gender: Female
Income Bracket: Low Income
Hooks: Dean’s list, took classes at UCLA over the summer.

Extracurriculars: Computer Engineering Intern at NASA, Software Engineering intern at Intel, Coding Instructor, Women in STEM Organizations

Job/Work Experience: Same as above^^ and a private calculus tutor

Strengths: EC’s, I drafted my PIQ’s early and had them read over by some UCLA students, I also have a lot of Computer Science experiences and took care of my family while I was at home.
Weaknesses: I received one B in out of all my classes because I was taking care of my ill father and the professor did not let me make up the final exam.

Applying to what schools? UCLA, USC, UCB, UCI(TAG), UCSD

I also had a question, so I ran out of classes to take at my community college besides GE’s, so I am currently taking Winter Quarter off and taking 2 GE classes during the Spring quarter. I have my software engineering internship right now so I decided not to take extra classes since I finished the prereqs and recommended courses. However, USC has this program where you can take classes during the school year even if you are not an enrolled student. I am currently also taking a few Computer Science classes at USC, but I am not an enrolled student for USC. Will that hinder my chances of getting into the UC’s since I am taking both University and Community college classes?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

I also applied to UCLA for junior transfer, but I’m not expecting to get in.

School: Penn State
MAJOR: Economics
GPA: 3.72
EC’s/Work: Hedge fund intern, engineering intern, business owner, 2 sport varsity athlete in HS and Charity work
Credits: Will have 60+ by end of year
Awards: Deans list every semester, scientific journal publication in my name

It seems like most people on here have better stats than me but oh well

Hey everyone! I just received an email today from admissions inviting me to apply for the UCLA Prospective Undergraduate Student Scholarship. Does anyone know if this means anything?

Yes, I received this e-mail as well. However, I do not believe this means anything, or if it does, it just means they liked something on your application. It explicitly says:

“Please note that this invitation to apply for the Alumni Scholarship does not constitute an offer of admission nor does it infer any likelihood of admission”.

Hi, anyone received supplemental questionaire? I couldn’t. But I saw from other thread that some people got that email.