UCLA Fall 2021 Transfers

I find it weird how UCB and maybe UCSD are releasing the 23 and then maybe UCLA too. There is no mental break in between to process each decision to anyone who applied to all three lol.


Hi all just joined this thread and wanted to post my stats!! Good luck everyone!

Major: communications
Gpa: 3.87
Igetci finished spring 2021
Work: yes 30+ hours
Essays: strong?
Applied: UCLA, CAL, cal poly slo, SDSU, Chico state
Accepted: SDSU, Chico state
Rejected: cal poly slo

literally me :joy:

I had the same stats. But rejected from sdsu…

Is anyone here a first- year transfer? I am so I’m just curious if anyone else is as well!

Also if ucla had an increase of 28% for freshman applications and they let out admissions decisions on the 3rd week despite that, then I believe the same should apply for this Friday (16th)! There was also an increase of transfer applicants by 10% so that kinda scares me to be honest

Also according to this discussion post, regents has already been sent out:

i think we figured out that it actually wasn’t a regents scholarship invitation that the person who posted that was talking about, it was an alumni scholarship invite which i think every applicant got

I am hoping for this Friday but how come no transfer has received regents yet. I know this community is a small portion of all the applicants so maybe that’s why but if they send out regents before decisions then I’m losing hope for this Friday lowkey.

Ohhh makes sense! I got my alumni scholarship email on the 22nd though… when did you get yours?

January 22nd was the original invite and February 11th was the reminder.

yea what they^^ said, i got my first invite 22 jan then the reminder 11 feb

I literally made a twitter account again just to see if they post a date :joy:

I’m so scared

I am! I’m a little scared because I’m transferring from another UC too, so this will be interesting. I don’t believe it will be this Friday though. I think either next Wednesday (21st) or Friday (23rd) is most likely. They also say on the applicant portal that they will come out in late April. I don’t think the 16th is in late April.

Hey actually on the site below it said that for freshman it’d be late March but it was still mid-March ish

Meaning they released on the 3rd week So I guess we don’t really know

I mean I don’t know either but if previous years are anything to go off of, it doesn’t appear that Transfer regents have been released and usually they’re released exactly 1 week before decisions are released. At the latest they should be out by the 23rd though.

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Ohh I forgot about that! I’m sorry! Yeah I mean less than 2 weeks either way so we just gotta stay calm haha

Regents isn’t always released before hand apparently. I have a friend who transferred a couple years back, and she mentioned that regents invites can also come out after decisions. I’m thinking that maybe since there was an increase in applications or something they’re gonna send regents invites to the top 1-2% of accepted transfers, rather than general applicants. Honestly this application cycle was a bit weird so I don’t think it’ll be the exact same pattern as last year.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough 🥲

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Oh… kay. I’m scared!!!