UCLA Fall 2021 Transfers

Does UCLA check all the UC courseworks requirements before admitting and already made sure what you’ve put on the UC app is sufficient?

no. IGETC certification is a required condition of acceptance that u get from your transfer school.

not unless u had new compelling information.

Not IGETC- the 7-course pattern

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Hey does anyone know when ucla will tell us when we can move in? and also if possible do you guys know any forums/chatrooms or group chats for students looking for roommates in dorms/apts etc. that would be helpful!

Curious too. Probably low??

Waitlisted (daughter)

Can’t believe it, thought for sure it would be a reject. She says it’s just delaying her reject! Big reach for her! This past year her major had a 16% acceptance rate.

GPA: 3.57
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
San Diego area CC
Accepted: UCSB, UCI (TAG), UCD, UCSC, UCR, UNR (Reno)
Waitlisted: UCLA
Rejected: None (until UCLA!!)
She’s going to stay on the waitlist but is deciding between UCI and UCD.

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Congratulations! UCSB is absolutely beautiful and a very good school.

Has anyone gotten a physical acceptance letter?

You should check the instagram and facebook groups for UCLA Transfer class of 2023

Hi everybody,

Can UCLA admitted students please take a few seconds to complete this anonymous poll? It would mean a lot, thank you!


Hello, Uclacstransfer,

Just curious, with your high stats and profile, are you being admitted in CS UCLA & UC Berkeley Fall 2021 Transfer?

Hello people, can anyone send me the link for our discord server? Thank you so much

I did not get into Berkeley.

I got into UCLA CS, UCI CS, UCSD CS, and USC CS. I will be going to UCLA

I just received it today

Did you get an email or check somewhere ?

Hello, Uclacstransfer,
Congratulation to you being admitted into UCLA CS and choosing to attend there! It is a good university.
By any chance, do you have UCLA TAP ? Do you complete the IGETC?
Also, if you don’t mind to share, which CC are you transfer from ?

I do not have UCLA TAP and I did not complete the IGETC.

I am transferring from San Mateo College but I took a lot of classes at other CC’s as well. I hope this helps

I got an email saying my provisional financial aid letter was updated and I checked it and it said I received the Alumni Scholarship

I also completed a few computer science courses at UCLA during the summer and received A’s in those classes so I am not sure if that helped my application more in comparison to other given that I had a 3.92 CC GPA but 4.0 UCLA GPA