UCLA Fall 2022: Transfer Thread

Didn’t see one of these yet so I thought I would make one :smiley: Good luck with applications everyone!

TAP+Alternate Major?:
IGETC status:

School Type:
Income Bracket:
Other (Strengths, weaknesses, hooks, etc.):
Where else did you apply/TAG?:

Hey thanks for making this!
Major: Anthropology *
Gpa: 4.0
Igetc: yes
Pre req: yes

California community college
Deans list every semester
Honors program
Won art competitions and work had been displayed in galleries
Currently looking for internship
Good essays thus far

Yeah that’s about it
What are your stats?

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Major: Political Science
GPA: 4.0
TAP+Alternate Major?: Yes
Extracurriculars: Founded start-up + raised funding
IGETC: yes

Gender: Male
In-state/OOS/International?: In-state
School Type: CC
Income Bracket: $100k+
Other (Strengths, weaknesses, hooks, etc.):
Where else did you apply/TAG?: tagged UCSB, applying to UCB, UCLA, UCSD,

Curious to know if you think I will be able to transfer into either Berkeley or LA?

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Major: Philosophy
GPA: 3.7
TAP/Alternate Major: Yes, art history
ECs: 2 part time jobs (concert stagehand and personal assistant), painted some murals in LA, created a custom shoe business, honors transfer program
IGETC status: 1 more course, taking in winter
Major pre-req status: Philosophy done, haven’t started art history yet

Gender: Female
In-state, CCC
Income Bracket: Middle class
Also applying to Berkeley and TAG for UCSB

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There’s obviously no way to know for sure but you seem like a really strong candidate for both schools! My community college said TAP certified applicants have an 80% acceptance rate at UCLA, also this website is helpful to see the GPAs of students who got in for each major:

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That’s so cool!! Your gpa is rlly good and within the range for your major ( I just checked the transfer profile today lol) !

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Major: Cognitive Science
GPA: 3.47 (Should be a 3.7 by the end of Fall)

  • I only have 4 college course complete (2 were dual enrollment in HS and I got B’s, then two A’s over summer Wr 2 and stats) I have 7 AP exams passed so I only need 1 year CC. currently enrolled in 19 units with 2 honors courses.
    TAP: yes, but don’t qualify for any alternative majors due to prerequisites.
    Prerequisites will be complete in Fall.
    Extracurriculars: 16-20 hours track and field
    IGETC: Complete this fall
    Gender: F
    In state
    CA CC
    Income Bracket: 250k +
    Other: Volunteer nursing assistant, I don’t know if transferring in 1 year is considered a strength. I don’t work.
    Also submitted TAG into UCI Cognitive Science
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Nice! How many and which prerequisite classes will you be completing this fall?

I am also applying for cognitive science. no tap, no honors classes.
GPA:4.0 so far. Wil be between 3.92 to 4.0.
will completing 5 preparatory classes this fall as per assist.
No EC and work experience.

IGETC: Complete this fall
Gender: F
In state

Major: Data Theory
GPA: 4.0
Extracurriculars (main ones):

*Honors research project; worked with my criminology professor and used a lot of stats and data science in the context of racial disparity
*president and founder of statistics and data science club
*math tutor all throughout college
*guided pathway student leader: helped in coming up with ways/incentives for community college students to make an ed plan before registering for classes their first semester
*data (sports) analyst intern this past summer

IGETC status: only one class left for spring
pre-major classes status: finished everything last summer.

Gender: Male
In-state/OOS/International? In-state
School Type: CCC
Income Bracket: >100,000
Other (Strengths, weaknesses, hooks, etc.): i think essays are overall ok
Where else did you apply/TAG?: Most UC’s for statistics and TAG to davis (also for stats)

gl everyone

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