UCLA Fall 2023: Transfer Thread

Hey everyone! I know it is early but I did not see anyone make a transfer thread for UCLA Fall 2023 yet so I thought I’d make one. I also often found it helpful when people are as descriptive as possible in their posts. Please follow the format underneath. I wish everybody the best of luck with their application!

TAP + Alternate Major:
#of pre-requisites completed by Fall prior:
IGETC status:

School Type:
Income Bracket:
Other (strengths, weaknesses, hooks,):

Hello everyone! I’ll start off.

Major: Communication
GPA: 4.0
TAP + Alternate Major: Yes TAP but not doing alternate major.
#of pre-requisites completed by Fall prior: 7/7 completed by end of Fall 2022
Extracurriculars: general member of accounting club, internship at accounting firm, ICC rep for Phi Theta Kappa
IGETC status: will complete by end of Spring 2023

Gender: Male
In-state/OOS/International: In-state
School Type: California Community College (CCC)
Income Bracket: Middle Class
Other (strengths, weaknesses, hooks,): was a C student in HS and really worked hard to change that, saw transferring as a second opportunity in life

Thank you for this. I’ve been waiting for someone to start one! My D21 is applying this year.

Major: History

GPA - 4.0, Honors program at her CCC

EC - Numerous, including two time captain of her HS varsity sport. In-state student.

TAP at UCLA?: Yes


Major: Political Science
GPA: 3.9
TAP + Alternate Major: Yes, TAP, but no alternate major
#of pre-requisites completed by Fall prior: 4/3
Extracurriculars: I work 20 hours a week during the school year, full-time during the summer; I have a lot of family responsibilities, like I am the one who registered my siblings for school and I contribute to bills; VP of the Senate for student government; Co-President of the Social Justice Club; voting member of the Inter-Club Council; Humanities Mellon Scholar;Cal Law Pathway Scholar
IGETC status: Will be complete by the end of Spring 2023

Gender: Female
In-state/OOS/International: In-state
School Type: CCC (California Community College)
Income Bracket: Low income
Other (strengths, weaknesses, hooks,): I also wasn’t a very good high school student. I took five years to finish high school and finished at an alternative education center for students at risk of dropping out.

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Hi guys! I saw that the UC transfer threads are starting to pop up so I made the UCSD one if anyone’s interested!

Wow! Wonderful GPA, I think your daughter has a wonderful shot at getting into UCLA with those stats and TAP

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Your story will actually help you.

Hi everyone! I was wondering if TAP is necessary? Im a 4.0 GPA student that has completed all requirements for Economics. I also run my own business with 3 employees and I am an intern for the state. Im also founder of a club at the community college. I also spend my sundays volunteering at a local food bank.

Hey! TAP is certainly not necessary but it provides a substantial boost in your admission rate for majors within the college of letters and science. Your GPA is fantastic and the fact that you run a business shows me that you are more than capable of being a worthy applicant. I think you have a great chance, especially with that GPA. May I ask how many major pre-reqs you will be completing by the end of this Fall semester?

Major: Political Science
GPA: 4.0
#of pre-requisites completed by Fall prior: All major prep already complete for all UCS
Extracurriculars: Senior Intern for Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, Intern for Sam Yebri for LA city council, Social media intern for PARS Equality Center.
IGETC status: will be complete by end of Spring 2023

Do you guys think my chances are ok even without TAP ?

I think you have a great shot to be honest. You have a fantastic GPA and hold several internships relating to your major. Plus, you already completed all of the pre-requisites. GPA and completion of pre-reqs are the top two things UCLA will look for.

Thanks. I hope so. My dad had a medical issue and could no longer drive me to school, so I missed most of one year. I’m definitely a big fan of state funded school bussing now. I think a yellow school bus would have made a big difference in my high school years.

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I have finished everything including IGETC

Nice! I think you are a strong applicant but the way UC’s admit students have been weird and holistic.

Major: Mathematics
GPA: 3.91
TAP + Alternate Major: Unable to complete TAP
#of pre-requisites completed by Fall prior: 6/10, will finish 9/10 at the end of Spring 2023. 1 is left out because it wasn’t articulated at my cc until recently.
Extracurriculars: Treasurer of math club, math tutor for Calculus 2.
IGETC status: Will complete at end of Spring 2023

Gender: Male
In-state/OOS/International: In-state
School Type: California Community College
Income Bracket: Low-Income
Other (strengths, weaknesses, hooks,): 1.8 GPA 11th grade dropout, and eventually took the CHSPE. Now I am doing well and teaching other students how to get good at lower-div math.

Am I going to get into UCLA? Probably not because I couldn’t complete TAP. My base chance of being admitted according to my major is 44%. I was livid when I went to an orientation for TAP seeing it was like a 80%+ acceptance rate and realizing I couldn’t complete it unless I spend another year at my CC.

For the math major at UCLA, the 25% - 75% gpa range was 3.84 to 4.00 for Fall 2021 transfers; so you are right in the middle. Plus, they love stories like yours. Don’t be surpised when you get in.

Major: Business Economics
GPA: 3.85
EC’s: Finance internship at solid bank next summer, Data Analyst Assistant Internship for two summers, Student Athlete Tutor, CVS store associate, Site Leader for Veteran’s Day Event, Member of Finance Association

Gender: Male
Out of State
School Type: Ohio State
Income Bracket: High Middle Class

Keep in mind that 95% of UC transfers come from California community colleges (CCC).

Why would you want to transfer from Ohio State? OSU is classic “Big State U”; i.e., a well respected public university. It’s not an elite level public, but there are only 4 of those: Berkeley, UCLA, UMich, and UVA (probably UWash as well, maybe UT Austin). OSU is certainly in the next tier.

If you continue to do well at THE Ohio State University, you’ll have the grades for the top grad/professional schools. Plus, you’ll be paying OOS tuition at UCLA (or any elite privates to which you may be applying). You really should reconsider.