UCLA Fall 2023: Transfer Thread

What major did you apply for UCLA Transfer Fall 2023? Are you transfer from CA Community College with more than 60 semester units and completed IGETC?

Im business econ and no Im from private out of state school

Since you are from private out of state school, probably they might want to see which transferable courses you have taken and also fulfill the minimum major requirement courses, for your case, business econ.

Hey everyone!

I’m a fellow transfer applicant for UCLA’s film school. Are there any other UCLA film transfers or transfers who wouldn’t mind reading my submitted essays?

I know the process has already started, I’m just curious to hear others feedback.

Thank you!

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As a UCLA applicant, you are invited to apply for one of the university’s oldest and most prestigious scholarships offered by the Alumni Scholarships Program.

This is an opportunity to be considered for a merit-based scholarship ranging from $6,000 to $20,000 and to be a member of the esteemed Alumni Scholars Club. Students who receive Alumni Scholarships automatically become members of the Alumni Scholars Club (ASC). Under the umbrella of the UCLA Alumni Association, ASC functions like a student club, but with many more professional development opportunities. These include general quarterly meetings, alumni mentorship, community and UCLA service projects, mixers and social activities, career and leadership workshops, and networking opportunities with alumni.

Please note that this invitation to apply for the Alumni Scholarship does not constitute an offer of admission nor does it infer any likelihood of admission. UCLA’s Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will select the recipients after an initial evaluation by the Alumni Association Scholarship Review Committee. The first round of Alumni Scholarship winner notifications will be included on the Provisional Award Letter with the release of Admission Decisions. Further Alumni Scholarships will continue to be offered to incoming students throughout the summer.

The Alumni Scholarship Application can be found on the UCLA Prospective Undergraduate Scholarship Portal

Deadline to apply: March 2, 2023

We look forward to receiving your application.

Go Bruins!


Not sure why you are posting this in the UC Davis Transfer thread but if it is a mistake I will move to the correct discussion thread. Transfer or Freshman???

I am a transfer student, I have a 4.0 GPA, and I also received an invitation to apply for a scholarship in February. Is it also ready to send me an offer?

An invitation to apply for the Alumni scholarship does not mean an offer of admission. An Invitation for Regents, constitutes an offer of admission.

Thank you, you are a professional.

Gumbymom, my D21 got the same letter, but did not respond by March 2 (not sure if delayed to her email, she thought it was junk mail). :rage:

I’m having her contact the appropriate parties, but can she still apply?

It would up to the Alumni scholarship committee to decide if they would extend the deadline.

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CS,88semester units,IGETC.

@Gumbymom When will the UCLA transfer applicants (Fall 2023) receive the invitation to apply for the Regent Scholarship? or anyone (UCLA transfer applicants for Fall 2023) had received the invitation to apply for the Regent Scholarship?

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I am pretty sure that for Transfers, Regents does not require an invite and will be automatically posted with your acceptance. Hopefully someone can confirm.


@Gumbymom Oh I see. Thank you very much for your reply!

Major: Linguistics & Computer Science

GPA: Cumulative 3.92. Major Preparation 4.0

TAP + Alternate Major: No TAP. No Alternative major.

#of pre-requisites completed by Fall prior:
CS 31, 32, 33. MATH 31A, B. MATH 61.
Attended high school in a non-English speaking country.

Extracurriculars: Full-time labor job

IGETC status: completed by fall

Gender: F

In-state/OOS/International: In-state

School Type: CCC

Income Bracket: Very low income

Other (strengths, weaknesses, hooks,):

78 assist certified semester units, took 2.5 years.
Have been maintaining full-time enrollment at CCC.
All first attempts, no Ws. No drawbacks. No P/NPs in major preparations.
No exceptional strengths except my full-time employment alongside my full-time college enrollment.

Major: Phil

GPA: Cumulative 3.7, almost 4.0 in phil classes

TAP + Alternate Major: No TAP. No Alternative major.

#of pre-requisites completed by Fall prior: all

Extracurriculars: couple of full-time jobs I held over the years, volunteer service

IGETC status: completed by fall

Gender: F

In-state/OOS/International: In-state

School Type: CCC

Income Bracket: low income

Other (strengths, weaknesses, hooks,): re-entry, non-trad, upward trend; I would redo the PIQ and elaborate on a couple of things, but we’ll see.

Good luck everyone!

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what sort of labor job? sounds intriguing.