UCLA Film School with relatively low GPA

Hello all,

I am an out of state student and UCLA Film School is my top choice school.
When all is said and done with Junior and Senior year, I will have around, if not maybe a little under, a 3.4 GPA. I know the minimum GPA for UCLA for out of state students is a 3.4. My SAT scores are around 1400. I take way more classes than is required at my school because I genuinely like learning what I’m interested in. I also do very well in arts classes at my school. There is definitely been great improvement in my major grades. As such, the reason my GPA is lower are my earlier High School years. I have also made many short films.

I was wondering is there any chance at all I can get into UCLA?
What should else can I do to make my application stand out?

Thank you so much for your help!

UCLA’s film school has an acceptance rate of around 1%, so even if you had a perfect GPA, it would be hard for you to get in. Seeing as you’re OOS, it’ll be next to impossible.

hi ik this is super late, i only came by this bc i was trying to find other film admittees but i want to tell you, especially bc of that last comment, grades do not matter nearly as much in this major as in other ucla majors. what matters is ur portfolio- your story and your craft. i got in to ucla film w a 1270 sat and a 3.4 unweighted gpa. i had two C’s and a D under my belt, i am not the “model student”. however, i had a good script for my portfolio and good essays. it also didn’t help that i had a good resume, as i had done a film internship at this non profit and got a gold award, but trust me other people did More. my recommendation would be to hone ur craft and also do more outside of the classroom. i hate seeing people shot done for having “Not Amazing Incredible Grades”, so i hope you see this since trust me, they don’t matter as much as u think they do.

also ucla wasn’t my lucky egg, i got into usc and nyu. i haven’t made an actual film in forever, and i submitted an excerpt of a 20 page script. you don’t need a magnum opus, just be unapologetically urself !!