UCLA; French; GRE Verbal

<p>Hello Guys:</p>

<p>I will be applying to UCLA for Graduate studies in FRENCH AND FRANCOPHONE STUDIES(learning the French language). I was hoping if someone could tell me which score of the GRE UCLA will place the most emphasis on. Is it the Verbal, Quantitate, or Writing? I am hoping that it is the VERBAL because I believe that I will succeed tremendously in that Area. </p>

<p>*** If you got accepted into UCLA, UCB, UCSD, UCI, and/or UCR for GRADUATE SCHOOL, what was your VERBAL SCORE???</p>

<p>Typically arts and humanities program place more emphasis on the verbal GRE, and few programs care at all about the analytical writing as long as you don't completely bomb it. Remember, though, that the GREs are not a deciding factor in graduate admissions.</p>

<p>Thank you NovaLynnx... I just now saw that you had posed... I just now posted another thread, and was wondering what you think about it....</p>

<p>*If you dont mind, let me know...</p>