UCLA General Talk Thread

<p>Hey guys, where does it tell us to submit our IGETC certifications? Is there some type of checklist that lists IGETC? Or is it just something you send and hope it gets received by ucla?</p>

<p>are they requesting IGETC certification? if so, where does it say that?</p>

<p>usually when you ask that your school submit official transcripts to a school they’ll give you a form and there’s a box that says “include IGETC certification” and they’ll attach it to your transcripts and mail it all to the school.</p>

<p>Yeah they do. I was looking through past threads and it was required if you didn’t want to take general classes etc. But I can’t seem to find anything for IGETC anywhere on URSA or MyUcla. My CC has seperate forms for IGETC though.</p>

<p>yeah, i don’t see that listed anywhere either. i’ll probs just end up requesting my igetc to be sent with my transcripts just to be safe.</p>

<p>Do you go to school nearby? I’m wondering if we can submit them in person just to be safe in case it gets lost in the mail.</p>

<p>I think they might require that it be in an officially sealed envelope and that it is mailed directly from your cc.</p>

<p>[DPR</a> - FAQs](<a href=“http://my.ucla.edu/dprfaq.htm#10]DPR”>http://my.ucla.edu/dprfaq.htm#10)</p>

<p>@bougie ohh I see. So I guess we’ll need to call them to verify that they received it. Can’t they just make a check list for it? jeez. If I hand carry it, it’ll definitely be sealed but I’ll try to google if they accept hand delivered transcripts. thanks</p>

<p>For transcripts on MyUCLA, am I supposed to be seeing my college 2 times? It’s basically listed two times. Is this normal?</p>

<p>When will the next ucla batch be released? Any chance of it being today?</p>

<p>I missed Bruin Day…is there going to be another similar event for admitted transfers?</p>

<p>@YaBeardo: just check your myucla / ursa, and see if there’s any change, and then check the decisions page in the evening?</p>

There has to be an event for transfer students! Right?</p>

<p>Allfields, Hellolily - there is! on the left hand side on the decision site, there are these tabs and click “events”. It’s called Preparation in the Life of a Transfer (PILOT) Day. it sounds like its kind of like bruin day but just for transfers. then when you click on “read more” it takes you to the Facebook page they made.</p>

<p>I clicked on events but I did not see that. I’ll check again.</p>

<p>edit: I don’t see that but I see AAP Scholars Day. What is the difference?</p>

<p>So like, how am I going to afford this. I got a 14k grant on top of my Pell Grant. The 14k grant only lasts one year, so even if I can cover my housing the first year, I really need to figure something out for the second year. Have all scholarships gone out? Or should I be expecting more?</p>

<p>pilot day facebook page
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<p>[Academic</a> Advancement Program (AAP) - UCLA Division of Undergraduate Education](<a href=“http://www.aap.ucla.edu/]Academic”>http://www.aap.ucla.edu/)</p>

<p>how do i sign up for pilot day?
i dont see it listed under my events</p>

<p>@imnotfreud, how much fa did they offer you, if you don’t mind me asking you? what is your efc?</p>


<p>My EFC is 2,953, but my family doesn’t help with anything and I was listed as homeless on my FAFSA. Currently I’m sleeping on a friend’s couch.</p>

<p>My Scholarship Recognition Award is $14,543 + My Pell grant is $2,600</p>

<p>I never realized I was supposed to apply for a Cal Grant. So I’m doing that now …</p>

<p>I’ve heard that EOP helps alot, like they will pay for laptops and stuff, but AAP only offers counseling. I guess I will contact them, a little something is better than nothing.</p>


<p>your situation sounds tough!! I would maybe go into the FA office and negotiate with them, I have heard them increase awards before, specially for people who articulate having a rough situation that may have been overlooked on the fafsa! go in PERSON though, i think that shows initiative.</p>

<p>Yeah, I looked at UCLA’s version of eop and it is called AAP but they don’t offer any financial assistance, just counseling and academic services.</p>