UCLA GPA and Personal Statements

<p>I am a high school Senior from El Paso, TX. UCLA is my dream school, and I have been working on the freshman application since the year started. I have the following questions. </p>

<p>I have been trying to figure out what GPA Scale UCLA uses. For example, for most other schools a 95.0 and above is a 4.0. Does this logic hold true to UCLA? I currently have a 95.6 GPA weighted, does that mean UCLA considers it to be a 4.0? </p>

<p>The personal statements seem to be my biggest factor in deciding my admittance. I have already drafted several statements, but I want to see if I am on track. Who exactly are the people that read the admission statements? Also, If there is anyone who is willing to share there personal statements, who have already been admitted to UCLA, I would truly be extremely thankful if you could send me the essays. I promise not to share it with anyone if you please. My email is semrant at yahoo com</p>

<p>Thanks to everyone in advance.
-Future Bruin (hopefully)</p>