UCLA housing, Delta, Rieber, Hedrick, De Neve?? Quick!

<p>I need some immediate help please!!!
I have to submit the housing app soon, so I have pretty much narrowed my choices down to:
-Delta Terrace
-Rieber Vista
-Rieber Terrace
-De Neve Plaza
in any case, i would live in triple or double rooms. I haven't been to any of them, and my only source that helped me narrow it down is the UCLA site, and one forum on CC.
are these wise choices?
Does anyone have any opinion on any of these??</p>

<p>And what have you guys ended up choosing for your #1,2 choices??</p>


<p>you dont get to choose which building you live in.</p>

<p>really? i thought you choose them in order of what you want? damn... there goes my plan then! so what do you choose out of then?</p>

<p>You get to choose your room preference (single/bath, double/bath, triple/bath); your choice between Hall, Plaza or..Suite? (Apartment? one of those); and a list of roommate preferences.</p>

<p>ohhh ok, thanks a lot guys!</p>

<p>now i feel stupid, haha</p>

<p>i run de neve</p>