UCLA Housing email=accepted...how anticlimactic

<p>I just checked my email and noticed that i received two emails from ucla. the first was sent last night and says that admission decisions are up. i didn't know they were going to come out this early but before i could even go to cc and get a preliminary feel for the admission decisions this year, i noticed another email from ucla. this one concerns housing applications at ucla and a special live chat for first year students. the first sentence "We would like to welcome you to UCLA!" all i can say is wow that kind of took all of the anxiety out of checking my decision...how anticlimactic. but whatever i'm oos and accepted so i'm pumped. not sure if i'll be going though...</p>

<p>My decision email actually went to Spam so all I saw was the Housing notification, which made me go "w.t.f?!"</p>

<p>It's a good feeling though, getting these emails.</p>

<p>DukeBlueDevils, hahahaha! Exact same thing happened to me!
I read so many posts about how the decisions would come out about the 27th that I finally decided to stop checking my e-mail and the site yesterday morning. Today, I saw an email saying notifications were up, and when I saw another e-mail, I clicked it because it was UCLA housing info. When I read the first line, I did a dance and immediately headed to the admittance site.</p>