UCLA Housing - Saxon Suites Question!

<p>I didn't see many people getting into saxon suites on the other threads</p>

<p>I have no idea about the different dorms, so can someone could tell me what to expect, that would be great.</p>

<p>Also, which of the residential halls rank the best according to students? I hope saxon suites is good :/</p>

<p>Saxon is tight, its in kind of a woodland setting at the top of rape trail. You are close to Gayley and close to the top of the hill so its a good place to live. Its alot more independent than the dorms and a good choice for a transfer student. You will have alot more freedom too. </p>

<p>Students have different preferences, I personally love De Neve, the dorm experience but each room has their own bathroom and it is really close to campus (closet dorm)</p>

<p>Simon - Isn't deneve housing plazas?</p>

<p>It is, sorry I misread the question, but of all the student housing options the apartments and De Neve are the best imo.</p>

<p>im in saxon too! glad to hear there's another transfer out there who is going to be there! see you next year :)
i have heard that they are more secluded but we have out own living room area with is a plus!</p>

<p>i got saxon too! i know this is probably going to sound like a super dumb question but are there showers in the suites? i was looking at the floor plan (i'm in a double btw) and i can't exactly tell if there are showers in the bathrooms and the main saxon housing website doesnt seem to give much info on that either</p>

<p>I got Saxon as well :) I was just asking for clarification, is Saxon the one closest to campus or De Neve?</p>

<p>I got saxon triple was wondeirng if any one wanted to trade for Double DeNueve Plaza or Reiber Terrace...</p>