UCLA Housing Thread

<p>Okay so this is a copy of a thread that many of you have seen, but I thought it would be nice to post the content, for people who havent seen it. If you are torn what to put on the housing app, this is for you.</p>

<p>"i decided to make this thread because i'm bored and to help stem the creation of 3450963938475 new threads asking about the different housing options. i'll try to be as complete as i can. read and judge for yourself which option/building is better, because that is all personal preference.</p>

<p><em>DISCLAIMER</em> - the following are just generalizations, and are largely dependent on individuals that will be living on your floor as well as you yourself as an individual, so YMMV.</p>

<p>RESIDENCE HALLS- Dykstra, Rieber, Hedrick
-regarded as most social of all housing
-communal bathrooms
-huge floors where you can meet a lot of people
-people generally keep doors open, etc
-older buildings
-location: dykstra is closest to campus, rieber is in the middle of the "hill", and hedrick is farthest up/away from campus of the three.
-price: least expensive housing option. triple < double.</p>

<p>HIGH RISE PLAZAS- Rieber Vista, Rieber Terrace, Hedrick Summit
-slightly more quiet than res halls, but more social than regular plazas because of their layout (big building, large floors)
-shared or private bathrooms, which contribute to the quietness since people arent forced to leave their room
-slightly larger rooms
-buildings are fairly new: 2-3 years old
-location: vista and terrace are in rieber court, about midway up "the hill". summit is in hedrick court, furthest up "the hill"
-price: shared triple < shared double < private triple < private double < shared single</p>

<p>PLAZAS - De Neve, Sunset Village
-quiet and less social due to smaller, segregated floors and buildings. sunset a bit more secluded than de neve, since a lot of traffic goes through the de neve court due to the dining hall and cut through to gayley (apartments).
-shared or private bathrooms
-room size depends, but generally slightly larger than res halls
-location: de neve is closest to campus, sunset is a farther walk than rieber (depending on where you're coming from) but no hill to deal with.
-price: same as high rise plazas</p>

<p>SUITES - Saxon, Hitch
-regarded as most quiet and most secluded
-near-apartment style living: you get your own living room and shared bath. no kitchen though.
-location: across the street from rieber court (saxon) or hedrick court (hitch)
-price: same as high rise plazas</p>

<p><strong>AGAIN</strong> - just because you get a suite doesnt mean you're socially doomed, and just because you get a res hall doesnt mean you'll make tons of friends. it all depends heavily on you and the people around you.</p>

-triples have 3 people, doubles have 2. obviously
-triples will have one set of bunked beds, and one lofted bed with the third desk and closet under it
-every student gets a bed, desk, shelf, and closet.
-shared triples/doubles in plazas share a bathroom between two rooms. so you will be sharing with 5 other people (total of 6) for a shared triple and 3 other people (total of 4) for a shared double. all shared bathrooms have two sinks, each with a mirror and medicine cabinet, as well as one shower and one toilet. shower and toilet are in their own separate little sections with lockable doors. private triples and doubles have a one-room sink, shower and toilet, like your bathroom at home with just one locked door for the whole bathroom. plaza bathrooms are cleaned once a week by housekeeping.
-communal bathrooms in halls have several toilet stalls, shower stalls, and sinks in each bathroom. some shower stalls may have a separate changing section, some may not. it depends on hall.</p>

-you MUST accept your assigned offer before you can submit a CAR. DO NOT DECLINE YOUR OFFER or you will be dropped from on campus housing and will need to get on waitlist/peition to get back in.
-CAR is submitted online via housing website
-you can submit a CAR if you want to switch, but obviously not guaranteed
-basically someone would need to want to switch out of or decline their offer for the dorm you want to switch into to make space available. they will try to accommodate everyone's request, but obviously that is not possible.
-to get specific roommates, both should submit a CAR putting roommates as top priority. be prepared that they might give you a completely different or more expensive hall that you might not want in order to accommodate your roommate request. again, not guaranteed.
-if your CAR doesnt get approved, theres an open transfer period later on. the open transfer period lets you switch between rooms/floors/buildings if you can find people that are willing to switch places with you and/or your roommates</p>

-11 cub, 14 Blue, 14 Premier, 19 Gold, 19 Premier
-meal periods: 7a-11a, 11a-5p, 5p-10p, 10p-12a, 12a-2a.
-14P and 19P gives you all your meals for the quarter and lets you swipe multiple times per dining period (so you can swipe friends in to the dining halls or get a sandwich and a smoothie at bruin cafe, etc)
-11C, 14B, 19G gives you swipes for the week (11 or 14 or 19). you can swipe once per meal period only.
-most people have 14P or 14B. if anticipate going home every weekend, think about 11C or 14P. if you plan on being here all the time or mostly all the time, 14B will be best and cheapest, though you can upgrade to 14P if you want more flexibility. if you are a true morning person and will wake up for breakfast every day even if you have like 10, 11, 12 o'clock classes, then get 19G/19P. i'd recommend 19P if you're thinking about getting 19 meals, because it will be easier to use ones that you miss (and you'll probably miss a lot)...</p>

-the housing website is your friend. UCLA</a> Housing
-the Ask Housing link has answers to MANY frequently asked questions. and if the answer isnt there, they have live chat at certain times if you have a more specific question. and of course you can ask here on CC."</p>

<p>Thanks for posting this Eshug1 :)</p>

<p>^^ Jane have you gotten in yet?</p>

<p>yeah jane--were waiting on your decision!</p>

<p>p e n d i n g</p>

<p>yeah...to be honest, i think i prefer the communal bathrooms that are cleaned daily rather than a shared bathroom with only one toliet/shower that is cleaned once a week</p>

<p>But there's a reason why plaza bathrooms are cleaned only once a week, you know? Even though it's cleaned daily, sharing with 20-30+ people make it dirty as hell by the end of the day, whereas it's much easier to maintain cleanliness if you're only sharing with one or two other people...</p>

<p>Hey. i'm 24, I should live in an apartment right. i thought there was an age limit on these things. Are apartments cheaper than all of these residence halls, and are apartments the only type of off campus housing? thanks for your answers.</p>

<p>@edelynly yeah obviously it would get a lot dirtier by the end of the day, but not as dirty as it would get in a plaza by the end of the week. and having to share a shower with 5 other people would get rather hectic in the morning</p>

<p>@mortimer- You might be a little more comfortable living in an apartment, but it is up to you. There are university apartments, apartments off campus within walking distance</p>

<p>Yeaaah, I guess you're right. The best thing I can think of is making a little shower schedule list based on our preferences and class times. Plus, res halls get.... SO dirty. Like, I've heard two handfuls of horror stories. Disgusting.</p>

<p>are university apartments considered off or on campus. right now I have my housing set to off campus, and what about the price, is it less that residence halls. You know, i don't want to feel uncomfortable, but I am a transfer and I think living completely seculded i'd have a hard time making friends. but I get along with young people well, as long as they arnt 18 y/o i wouldnt have a problem. I just thought you had to be>24 to do on campus. I'm fine either way.</p>

<p>It all depends on the type of person you are. You wont get stuck with freshman, and most transfers will be in the ~21 range, which I am sure you would be able to get along with if thats the choice you would like to make. It would definitely be the better choice for your social life.</p>

<p>ok thanks for the help. looks like i have to do some homework. 21 y/o are definitely in my wheelhouse. i just dont want to be pestered for like buying alcohol for kids and stuff. although I look like i'm 19 and act like it too so I could probably go incognito. I'm pretty outgoing hahah, which could be a good or bad thing. I dont feel old around transfers now so i know i wouldnt there. but freshmen..... I have a lot of things to consider.</p>

<p>Me too. I'll be irritated if I live in a floor full of freshmen, hahaha.</p>

<p>Yeah I'm in the same boat as a lot of transfers I think. i'm 23 now but will be 24 when I start and I def don't want to be living in dorms with a bunch of 18 year olds getting drunk for the first time. I'm considering off-campus but haven't really heard much about the off-campus housing scene. One of the big reasons I'm going to UCLA is because of the social vibe and I don't want to get stuck somewhere that is dead.</p>

<p>deciding where to live? Any suggestions..
I'm in between 2BR 4ppl apt or the shared bath double plaza rooms...</p>

<p>I'm a transfer student, 18 years old, kinda shy so i want a social environment...
I very use to my mom cooking for me..</p>

<p>it sound like i would like the plaza better but am not sure the extra money i would spend is worth it. What do you guys think??</p>

<p>Plazas and suites seem to be the only choice for transfers. Very rarely are transfers placed in residential halls. If you want a social environment, I know for sure that living on campus will provide that much better than if you live off campus in an apartment.</p>

<p>dude this is awesome. thanks a lot</p>

<p>I don't think you mentioned Delta Terrace. Is it on the hill. Are they plazas or suites? how bigs are the rooms typically? I have a 10 x 10 room at my home now and i always feel like its way way too small, so i hope the campus rooms are bigger, but i know its LA and there are a ton of students living on campus so i cant really count on a bigger room...</p>

<p>UCLA</a> Housing Tour - For Students</p>

<p>UCLA</a> Office of Residential Life - Sunset Village - Delta Terrace</p>