UCLA Housing Videos for your Reference

<p>It may be pretty hard to figure out what your room will look like, so I spent a few hours searching back before I applied for housing. </p>

<p>Here are my findings, feel free to post others! Try to describe what the room is to the best of your knowledge, so we can help each other out! :)</p>

<p>Housing in General:
YouTube</a> - theU.com - UCLA: "The Shelter"</p>


<p>Residence Halls:
YouTube</a> - UCLA Residence Halls</p>

<p>Residence Hall, Triple:
YouTube</a> - UCLA Hedrick Hall Dorm - Hedrick
YouTube</a> - my dorm room at ucla [hedrick hall]. - Hedrick
YouTube</a> - Dykstra Hall Dorm Room, UCLA - Dykstra
YouTube</a> - Dorm Life</p>


YouTube</a> - UCLA Plaza Buildings</p>

<p>Plaza, Shared Bath, Double:
YouTube</a> - my room</p>

<p>Plaza, Shared Bath, Triple:
YouTube</a> - room tour
YouTube</a> - Virtual Tour of My (Former) Dorm Room
- (this may be a Private Bath, i can't really tell)</p>


<p>Residential Suites:
YouTube</a> - UCLA Residential Suites, UCLA</p>

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