UCLA housing

<p>If UCLA dont receive our transcript by june 1, will that affect our housing application? and how many of you have assigned for on campus housing already?</p>

<p>"If UCLA don't"..? :[</p>

<p>doesnt.... ok?</p>

<p>can anyone just answer my question...?plz?</p>

<p>that was kinda rude. i am not 100% sure, but i really don't think it'll affect housing.. they have nothing to do with one another. you just gotta submit a housing app by June 1</p>

<p>I didn't really understand your question(s), specifically the last part...but, here's from the Housing Website:</p>

<p>Q: When are transfer student applications due?</p>

<p>A: Transfer student applications must be received in our office by June 1, prior to 4:00 pm, postmarked dates are not valid. Students who apply late are not guaranteed a space.</p>

<p>Q: When can I expect to receive my undergraduate offer?
A: Transfer students who have met the application and University Statement of Intent to Register deadlines will have offers and contracts available on line on June 3, 2010.</p>

<p>Lottery applicants may expect offers or an email of their waitlist status in August 2010.</p>

<p>From: Find</a> Answers (Page 1 of 55)</p>

<p>ok.. so on the transfer provisional admission contract, it states: "If you offical transcripts and test scores are not received by the due dates previously stated, a hold will be placed on your record. This will prevent you from enrolling in classes and receiving services from the university." So.. is that mean my housing application will be delay as well?</p>

<p>I don't see why it should, seeing as how in my experience so far UCLA really hasn't been that strict with deadlines. They probably won't even put a hold on your account until a bit after the deadline, and by then you'll know your housing assignment.</p>