UCLA Housing

<p>Hi, (sorry to make another ucla housing thread but i couldn't find the previous one made)</p>

<p>So the housing decisions will be released tomorrow, does anyone know the exact time UCLA will email their decisions or what time we will be able to check where we will be living at?</p>

<p>Use the search tool.</p>

<p>Last year it came out around 7pm. I'm pretty sure it will be in your Housing Account. I don't remember UCLA ever saying it will come out June 3rd. I thought everyone was just assuming based on last year, but I don't think 2009 or 2008's came out on the same date. Can someone clarify this?</p>

<p>Oh ! I called & was told June 3 but didn't get a time. I just tried to call right now & Housing closed today at 2:30p.m. :/</p>

<p>so do they just tell us where we are or who are roommates are as well</p>

<p>They only tell us what type of room and building we will be in.</p>

<p>@shawna - Thanks!</p>